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Friend or Roommate Zone? Nice Guy? Want to be better partner or lover?

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Wondering where all the strong men are? Longing for intimacy and affection?


Ready to find your soulmate and build a Soul Love™ relationship?


Tantra Seekers
Hungry to unite heart, body and soul in ecstasy… in bed and out?

Welcome Heart-Centered Singles and Couples…

Would you enjoy having more pleasure in your life… in bed and out?

I’m Joanna Shakti, the Soul Love Mentor, and I inspire men and women who hunger for deeper love and intimate pleasure… to find and create relationships that are an expression of ecstatic authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy.

What if you were united with your soulmate in heart-to-heart, body-to-body, and soul-to-soul ecstatic love?

What if…?

Not sure how to get started?

Have you checked out my Gifts for Men and Gifts for Women?

If your heart is beating a bit faster… if you’ve had a glimpse of hope… if maybe, just maybe, you’ve found what you’ve been looking for…

Then I look forward to serving you…

In love, light and ecstasy,

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  • Romance: 20 Ways to Express Your Love

    Romance… an expression of love… mysterious… ideal…chivalrous… When I looked up the definition of romance and romantic, just now, for the first time I think… I was surprised at how limited the definition felt. Romance …READ MORE


“Thank you, Joanna, for such a lovely and well-articulated synopsis of the feminine light! So often it’s hard to define what “feminine” is — especially when so many women have been steeped in the male paradigm & taught to devalue their femininity. We don’t even …

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