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11 Masculine Energy Traits Women Crave

The polarity dynamics of romantic relationships naturally inspire feminine women to crave essential masculine energy traits in the men they connect with. In the absence of these traits, women who are attracted to masculine men will find themselves losing interest, even without clearly knowing why. Without a core presence of masculine energy, women will struggle to respect the man in her life – whether dating or in relationship. They will also find it hard to relax, trust, and feel safe.

To most masculine men these descriptions will feel extreme, maybe even ridiculous. They may not understand, or even want to. Yet, if you ask a feminine woman who knows herself well, who is also willing to be truly honest, she will tell you that when the men she finds physically, intellectually, or even emotionally attractive don’t consistently embody masculine energy she will start to lose interest.

Wise men who want conscious, passionate, and sustainable relationships with feminine women will benefit from learning and standing in these 11 masculine energy traits.  

Let’s start off with first understanding what masculine energy is. 

What is masculine energy?

Masculine energy, also known as yang energy, can be best understood in contrast to its opposite, feminine or yin energy. Masculine energy expresses as an external, outward, directed and results oriented energy while yin energy has an internal, flowing and experiential quality to it. With that, masculine energy is the focused, penetrating, make-things-happen energy, while feminine energy expands, opens, allows, and receives. 

Masculine energy stands tall, even erect, and holds an independent sovereign presence. The feminine in contrast has a softer, compassionate energy that cares for the relational aspects of life. The feminine seeks unity over independence. Doing, thinking and logic reflect masculine energy while being, feeling, and intuition reflect the feminine. The masculine plans and offers a conscious sense of control. In contrast the feminine surrenders and goes with the flow.  

Masculine traits women love

When wanting to connect with and maintain intimate passionate relationships with feminine women, you’ll want to understand, and more importantly embody, these 11 masculine energy traits women crave. 

Take your time as you go through the list. An intellectual understanding will make you wiser but it won’t impact the women you love or want to love. Seek to feel what is being described. 

  1. Presence – Your ability to be in the here and now fully feeling and sensing her, yourself, and your environment. 
  2. Direction – You have a plan to get where you are going. 
  3. Vision – You know what you want (Even if it’s not what she wants, she’ll feel safer and respect you more with the truth.) 
  4. Decisiveness – You’re willing to, and do, make decisions, even the hard ones. 
  5. Solidness – You have the ability to be immovable when you are in alignment with your own truth. 
  6. Self control – You can handle your own desires in a way that takes others well being into consideration. 
  7. Independence – She’ll often love this and hate this. She’ll want to know that you can stand on your own and trust yourself to do so. 
  8. Assertive – You’ll speak your truth and take action for what you know is right. 
  9. Heroic – Similar to holding your vision, in this case you’re willing to take risks for what really matters to you. (That could be her and it could be something much bigger than her.)
  10. Determination – You don’t quit when the going gets tough. You stay true to your path. 
  11. Loyalty – You’ll stay unwaveringly true to yourself, those who matter, and your vision. (But not to a fault where your self-abandonment harms your relationship or your wellbeing.) 

If you want to know how to increase masculine energy, pay close attention to what arises in your body as you read this list. 

How to increase masculine energy 

For our purposes here supporting men who love women, let’s first consider the question: what is masculine energy in a man in contrast to masculine energy in a woman? No matter the person, masculine energy always integrates the qualities we’ve described here. Yet you’ll sense a clear difference between masculine energy in a man (who is authentically predominantly masculine) versus a woman (who is authentically predominantly feminine). The difference arises because masculine energy in a man will be the lead or primary energy and it will be infused with feminine energy in its heart. In contrast, a woman who is predominantly feminine will lead with feminine energy and the masculine will “come through the feminine”. The masculine is at the heart for a feminine being. The feminine is at the heart for a masculine being. In this sense the masculine will tend to be softened in a woman while being more direct or edgy in a man. (If you’re not sure whether your essence is more predominantly masculine or feminine, you can take the quiz.)

As a man who wants to know how to increase masculine energy, when you reflect on the above qualities and how they feel in your body (or how you can’t feel them), you are encouraged to notice the beliefs and stories that arise. For some men, they will judge masculine energy as something “too much” or something to be avoided. This happens for more men than you might think. Therefor getting involved in events or communities that bring together conscious masculine and feminine beings can help to dismantle unsupportive beliefs and stories.

As you clear blocks and resistances to masculine energy, you will find an authentic expression of masculinity arising naturally and effortlessly within you. Additionally, you can explore divine masculine embodiment and how that contrasts with a shadow or unconscious masculine energy. Realizing the power of the conscious masculine makes all the difference. 

As you increase your masculine energy in an authentic way, you’ll begin to trust it and trust yourself more and more. As you trust you more, the feminine will trust you more. She will get to enjoy the pleasures of the masculine energy traits she craves and she will often find herself inextricably drawn to men of this caliber. 

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