6 Mistakes Men Make that Turn Women Off

6 Mistakes Men Make that Turn Women Off

What are the most common mistakes men make with women? Shocking to most men, they almost all have to do with a resistance to, or a denial of, masculinity. So many men have been conditioned to believe their masculinity is toxic, but nothing could be further from the truth. Masculinity, in and of itself, is absolutely not toxic. 

Many great men, in a fear of being “that guy,” shut down their innate romantic impulses and expressions. They stop doing the things that many many feminine women find highly attractive. Men, it’s critical that you know that if you’re caring, if you can connect to your heart, you can’t be that guy, even if you wanted to. So, take a breath as you explore these mistakes men make with women. Can you give yourself permission to show up in a new, more authentic, way?

Mistakes men make with women

1. You’re too respectful.

Don’t give her your card, respectfully ask for hers. And don’t think that ravishing passion is disrespectful, it turns a whole lot of women on.

2. You try to be too sensitive.

Yes, be compassionate. Yes, speak from your heart. But don’t give up your masculine essence and your confidence to do it.



3. You think aggressive and assertive are bad words and bad behaviors.

Kissing her up against the wall or holding her hands above her head in bed are turn-ons for a lot of women. And, oh, by the way, she wants to know that you’re in control and will protect her.

4. You’re the nice guy.

Want to know how to turn women off? Simply try too hard to make her happy. Yes, her happiness is part of your masculine generosity, but if you’re doing it so she’ll like you, so she won’t think you’re a jerk, or worse yet, so she won’t leave you, it’s totally a turn-off.

5. You judge your sexuality as too much.

No, you don’t have to act out every sexual urge or desire, but if you disown it, it owns and controls you. And you and your partner miss out on so much hot passion.

6. You avoid your vulnerability and emotions.

It’s not about being too sensitive. It’s not about being too alpha. It’s not about balance. It’s about being 100% you. And your emotions are sexy.

And, truth be told, we have to add a seventh mistake. It’s really the quintessential turn-off.

7. You’re not present.

When we look at what makes a woman feel safe in the bedroom, or simply makes her feel safe in a relationship, nothing could be more important than being present. If you’re distracted any time – in the bedroom, at dinner, on a walk – even if you try to hide it, she’ll feel it. Be true to yourself and she’ll feel more attracted. Even if she doesn’t like the truth you speak. 

If you recognize that you’ve personally made these common mistakes men make, you have good company. Most men make them, at least for a while, until they understand a more conscious way of romantically relating, until they truly get that masculinity is not toxic. Conscious masculinity is a turn on. Period. 

So when it comes to these mistakes men make with women, while it’s important as a man to acknowledge them so you can make better decisions that improve the quality of your connection with a woman, it is also important to realize that women too make mistakes that drive men away

No one is ever perfect in love and life, but we can get wiser. We can learn about ourselves and each other. Because let’s face it, men and women are different and nowhere is that more obvious than in romantic relationships between the masculine and feminine. 

So, men, there’s no need to be hard on yourself. Or, if you’re a woman reading this, there’s no need to be frustrated with the man you love or used to love. We always come together in soul love relationships so they can teach us about acceptance, honor and love. These relationships are designed to evolve our souls. But sometimes the love-weary can forget how to spot soul love. 

So take it one step… or one mistake… at a time. 

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