7 Sensuality Secrets

7 Sensuality Secrets

Want to skyrocket pleasure?  It’s all about sensuality!

For the skeptics out there who might think sensuality is a bit fru-fru or too girly… Let me just say… “You are missing out!”  If only I’d discovered sensuality in my 20’s instead of my 40’s!  Oh the immense pleasure I missed out on.  Oh the abandoned, even avoided, moments of ecstasy… simply because I sadly told myself that it made me too girly.  Worse yet, I thought a man who aroused me with sensual pleasure was too soft.  Silly me! (Honestly, I don’t like to judge myself, but really it was “Stupid me!”)  I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Men… when you learn the art of sensual presence and touch you can ignite her pleasure… and melt her almost instantly.

Women… if you have a go-go-go get-it-done approach to life, you’re going to want to leave that behind when you want to connect with a man you’re having dinner with… if you want to open yourself to invite and receive the gifts he has to give, then being sensual is, again, the answer. (And, yes, most men have plenty of pleasure to offer if you let them!)

Note: if you want to exchange the words men and women in the previous two paragraphs because that feels more true for you, by all means, do that!

So if sensuality awakens intimate and romantic ecstasy, how do you become both a giver and receiver of sensual bliss?

Consider these 7 Secrets to intimate sensuality… 

  1. Sloooooooow Down  (Slow everything down)
  2. Feeeeeeel (Feel all the myriad sensations)
  3. Indulge (If it feels good, have more!)
  4. Savor (Take the experience of every sense and get the most pleasure you can from it!)
  5. Surrender (Give up control and let the pleasure have you!)
  6. Mystery (Let your partner surprise you!)
  7. Fruit and Feathers (There are lots of “things” in the world that enhance sensual pleasure… these are two great ones to play with!)

To most deeply experience the pleasures available to you, take the 7 secrets one-by-one and practice each one on it’s own, exploring the variations and subtleties of each sensual expression.  After you’ve gotten to know each sensual secret on it’s own, begin putting them together and, once again, discover what kinds of pleasure might soar through your bodies!

Always know that our sensuality and our ability to recognize it, feel it and enjoy it evolves as our sensual sensitivity rises.  Your ability to receive sensual pleasure may be quite different than your partner’s ability… so go slowly and be gentle with each other.  Set all goals and expectations aside for your sensual journey together!

P.S. If you’re single, it’s great to practice on your own so you can heighten your sensuality sensitivity in anticipation of meeting your future beloved!  You can do this anytime anywhere… I promise!  And, it makes life so fun!

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In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

*At Ecstatic Intimacy, an all-inclusive website for singles and couples, we welcome all sexual orientation(s), gender(s) and relationship expressions. In this article we utilize the pronouns he/she/him/her.

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