The world will be saved by the western woman

A Call for Love – The Feminine is the Gateway

In these evolving times, it may feel like it’s getting worse for women.  I may feel like it’s getting worse for men.  I’d say neither is true because it is getting better for all.

We’re Cleaning out the Closets of Consciousness

Consciousness is evolving.  We’re becoming aware of old habits that no longer serve.  We’re no longer willing to turn a blind eye.  We’re no longer willing to stuff our emotions and experiences inside.  We’re no longer willing to settle for less than love.

All the years of memories, things we didn’t want to deal with, experiences we wanted to forget, and emotions we didn’t know how to handle have gotten packed away in each of our individual bodies and minds, and into the closet of our collective consciousness on the planet.

Yes, each time an individual stuffs away their pain, we all close down a bit more. Each time an individual embraces themselves in the vulnerability of love and releases the stored heartache, we all heal.

We are in this together, whether we like it or not.

It’s time to clean house.  The clearing out of the old has already begun in the world and like any closet you’ve ever cleaned, it gets messier first.  As a society, we are in a time of messiness and it has not yet reached its peak.  We’re bringing what was out-of-sight, but not out-of-mind, to the forefront.  Just as you clean a closet, you have to look at what’s been stuffed away behind that door in years gone by.  As you pull it out and look at it, you get to decide whether you want to keep it any longer.

You – we – get to reflect on the past from the wisdom and resources of this moment.  We are no longer trapped by the past – if we choose not to be.

It’s Time for An Evolution, not a Revolution

We MUST go through this painful time.  You cannot snap your fingers or wave your magic wand and instantly have that closet in your house organized.  The clean out is a necessary part of the process.  We find ourselves exactly there as a society.  As men and women alike, we must bear the discomfort, even disgust, at what we’ve swept under the rug or stuffed onto the darkness of the closet shelves.  We must acknowledge what has remained unspoken for too long, we must look at what we have hidden, even from ourselves.

No one of us is free of “guilt” in this collective unconsciousness now rising to the surface, particularly in a America.  Ask yourself, did you speak up and speak out every time you witnessed judgement or hate? Have you kept quiet in any way to avoid the hassle or discomfort of standing out or rocking the boat?  Have you loved and honored you in each and every moment of your life?  I’ve not yet found a human who lives in love every moment and it is love that will heal us.

Evolution brings out the best, revolution leaves scars.

Hate begets Hate

We cannot evolve with hate.  We cannot hate the unconsciousness that is arising.  It’s easy for me to want to hate those who seem to be perpetuating the inequality, suppression, and oppression.  Yet, as one of my colleagues reminded me this week, these events are actually accelerating the conscious evolution of our country.  If I give my energy and focus to those who hold (and are bringing to light) the old, outdated and unconscious ways of being, I reinforce those old energies.

My call, our call, is to focus on what we want to experience – the full embracing and acceptance of all… the safety to walk this planet without fear of attack… the dignity and respect of each of our bodies.  The call is for love.

We must find gratitude for this time.  Offer your gratitude, not your hate, that we are finally looking at it, we are finally talking about it.

Drop the Fight

Although it may seem that way, this is not a time of us vs. them.  It is not a time of red vs. blue or men vs. women or black vs white … or a time of any orientation, religion, culture, or society against any other.  It’s been said many times and it applies here, what we resist persists.  If you fight against, you fuel that which you despise.  If you want to see change you must shift from fighting to embracing.  You must shift from fear to love.  There is no opposing team, there is only humanity.

The Feminine is the Gateway

The Dalai Lama spoke in 2009, “The world will be saved by the western woman.”  I’ve had challenge with this statement for years. I’ve felt it would take the reunion of men and women together to truly shift the planet.  I still feel that way, yet I see it in a different light.

It is not feminism or being a feminist that will save the world.  Although, I thank my sisters who brought us to this point through the women’s movement.  Yet, the same energy that brought us here to this point in time will not heal us.  The feminist movement brought us to the possibility of healing.  The healing must now happen from the feminine.  What’s the difference?  The feminist movement leveraged masculinity – demand and command.  Women used the same forms of power they witnessed in men to fight for rights.  It was perfect and powerful at the time.

Love, the essence of the true feminine, took a backseat.

The wounds of the warrior are not healed on the battlefield.  They are brought to a place of care, of restoration, of love. Then healing happens.

We must now shift to compassion and embracing. We must shift to love. When we find compassion for the unconsciousness, the unconsciousness will dissolve.

The feminine is the way to healing the world.  The feminine, as the gateway to love, in women’s bodies, in men’s bodies, in all bodies, will unite us in the peace and harmony that each of our hearts truly seeks.


Femininity, the gateway to love, must be embodied in every body… men’s bodies, women’s bodies, every gender body.  


The feminine is not female.  It is the tender, connected, compassionate, vulnerable, and powerful place within each of us where love unfolds.

I Call to Arms the Expression of Love

Our arms are extensions of our hearts.  I call to men, to women, to all… to open into love.

I ask you to have the courage to remove every obstacle to love that exists within you.  I ask you to clean out the closet of your heart.

If you’ve ever wondered, like I have, “What can I do?”  I now know, it is my job, your job, and everyone’s job to look within and remove the barriers to love in your heart.  The barriers to love within YOU hurt our planet, our world, our humanity.

Anything that leaves you armed for battle barricades the door that leads to the freedom, respect and honor you seek.  You do not barricade the pain outside, you barricade it in.

In the open embrace of the feminine, in the presence of love, no one will be left alone on the outside.

It is the vulnerability of love that becomes the strongest strength.

Men and women, find the place of compassion, acceptance and love within you and we will accelerate our path to equal rights, to safe movement, to freedom for all.  Most importantly, we will be on a path to peace, true peace that emanates from within.  Peace is not a lack of conflict, it is something that flows deeper within and beyond each of us.


Love for you first, love for others next, and then love for all.  This is the only way we will find peace on earth. 

In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

*At Ecstatic Intimacy, an all-inclusive website for singles and couples, we welcome all sexual orientation(s), gender(s) and relationship expressions. In this article we utilize the pronouns he/she/him/her.

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  1. Janet Miller on January 9, 2019 at 2:18 pm

    I love this ! Yes the true feminine is love and compassion and vulnerability. That’s what will change humanity and make our lovely planet a true home .
    Great insight that are valuable to share! Thanks for sharing from your heart and showing your light!

  2. Brett Benson on October 11, 2023 at 7:15 pm

    Powerful and profound words, Joanna. I am inspired and moved. Sign me up for this crusade to convert fear into love and compassion.

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