About Lois Kniss, Soul Love Coach

Lois Kniss - Soul Love Coach

s a transformational life coach for Ecstatic Intimacy and Divine Navigation my greatest passion is for a return to love. I am dedicated to supporting my clients in coming truly alive while finding pleasure and harmony in all relationships – with themselves, in romantic intimacy, in families, and in all connections. 

While my parents gave me the wonderful experience of growing up in India, they also taught me that being good and following the rules was of paramount importance for being acceptable and loveable. I learned patterns that made it next to impossible to have authentic and healthy relationships.

Over time as I have hit bumps along my path, I’ve seen in retrospect that those hard times were instrumental in my healing and in deepening my connection with myself and with spirit. I realized that the most potent of those bumps happened when I had really lost myself in life and love. In that, I also lost my ability to communicate well or to work with conflict in healthy ways.

In my journey to becoming a Soul Love Coach for Ecstatic Intimacy I saw how easy it’s been for me to abandon myself to try to “keep the peace” or to “do it right” – all in an effort to feel safe and loved. 

I now know that feeling safe and loved is an inside job of learning to trust myself and embrace all of who I am. This sets the foundation for the love I share in every relationship now. 

Before becoming a coach I had the blessing of working as a nurse, of teaching piano, homeschooling my kids, and working as a mediator in family and other relationship conflicts.

I look forward to serving your heart. 

~ Lois



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Soulful Relating

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Soul Love Session

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Soulful Passion

Uniqueness in Life & Love is powerful. Ecstatic Intimacy holds a space of inclusion and connectedness. Celebrating couples and singles of every  race, color, sex, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and/or expression. 

"We are beautiful individuals united."