Accessing Soul Love Session

with Joanna Shakti, The Soul Love Mentor

Soul Love Program Series

The First Step:  

Men and women, singles and couples, begin their Soul Love journey with a single private 1-on-1 session with Joanna… 

How Do I Get Started? 

Connect with your Soul’s deepest desire for love, intimacy and passion… and the barriers that block it

Does this sound like your love life?

  • You’ve worked so hard for love… maybe even sold yourself out or settled.
  • Men, you can’t seem to make women happy, no matter what you do… and, women, you never seem to get enough intimacy, attention, or affection.
  • Women, you’re strong and powerful, yet you wonder “Where are all the great men?” and hunger for one who will truly meet you. Men, you feel like you’ve lost some of your “mojo” and wish you had more consistent confidence.
  • You do everything you can to be sure you never suffer another heartbreak.
  • You’re tired of watching the chemistry fizzle and the love fade… ending up in the friend or roommate zone.
  • You fall asleep lonely (even with someone next to you)… wishing you were cuddling or making passionate love.
  • You’ve lost your confidence in love and wonder if “happily ever after” is even possible.


If that feels a little too familiar… It doesn’t matter whether you’re married, looking, or somewhere in between.

Love doesn’t have to be painful… or lonely… or heart-breaking.

Accessing Soul Love


And, true love, deep intimacy, and real passion only happen when they’re inspired from and aligned with your soul.

I know what it’s like to experience heart-break after heart-break… I’ve been in the friend-zone more than once… I know what it’s like to be non-orgasmic… and to cry tears of loneliness…

Yet, I found a way out… I discovered a path of soulmate soul-to-soul love for men and women… and when you are ready, I’d like to share it with you.

The Path of Soul Love begins, in step 1, with accessing your own Soul’s love and the barriers that block it.  


How do you do that?  In a single private 1-on-1…


Accessing Soul Love Session

with Joanna Shakti


Our soul’s hunger and longing for love and passion invariably gets blocked by our continual focus on others… and by our (usually failed) attempts to protect our heart from hurt.

So, in your Accessing Soul Love Session, I’ll invite you to let go of all of your concerns about other’s happiness or comfort. At least for the time of our session, you can stop worrying about whether you’ll be liked or loved and just be real… and you don’t have to do or be the “right” thing.

With that out of the way, I’ll help you connect with your deepest heart… your authentic soul.  As you connect with your soul, you’ll recognize and finally be able to honor your truest desire for intimate passion and genuine love.

Then, it will be time to get real about where you’re stuck in patterns that limit love and even extinguish passion.  As, frustrating as it may seem, you’ve been co-creating every moment and circumstance of your love life…  (By the way, the good news is that you can create something different too!)


Accessing Soul Love LogoIt’s a time to meet the fears, the excuses, and the “yeah but’s” that have been holding you back… and finally honor your soul’s fire of love and passion that burns deep within.

… and this will be a time to step back into your power… a time to choose to move beyond the barriers and limitations of the past… and commit to soulful love and intimate passion… your way.


If you’re single, you’ll get a clear vision of what needs to happen to attract your soulmate and build a soul-to-soul relationship.

If you’re partnered, you’ll get clear on your part of re-kindle the love, intimacy and passion that first brought you together.

And, together, we’ll identify the very best next steps you can take to ignite your soul’s love… which means you can create a relationship when the love runs deep and the passion stays hot.


Has your soul waited long enough to express its love and experience its passion?


If you answered yes, then click the button below and register for your Accessing Soul Love Session with me.

Couple in Soul LoveWhat’s Included

When you register now, here’s exactly what’s included…

  • A 60-minute private 1-on-1 session with me over the phone (or via video conference if desired)… where we’ll access your soul’s deepest desire for love, intimacy and passion; identify where you’re blocked and stuck; and get clear on the best next steps for you on your Soul Love journey.
  • Your Current Soul Love Profile (This is a chance for you to take a closer look at your current love life before we speak, so we can go even deeper during your session.)
  • A Soul Love Barriers Assessment (Nearly 40 questions will help you and I identify the most challenging areas of love and intimacy for you.)

A $600 Value for just $197

Because I am committed to Soul Love in the world and because I know how scary it can be to take that first step and get started… I want to make it easy for you.

When you register, I’ll apply an automatic saving of $400 so your investment toward soulmate soul-to-soul love is just $197.


The question is now… “Are you done with love the old way and ready for true soulmate soul-to-soul love?”


Joanna Shakti's Calendar

IF you said “YES!”… Here’s What To Do…

  1. Click the Register button to register for your ‘Accessing Soul Love Session’
  2. Fill in your details on the registration page
  3. When you click the “Place Order” button, you’ll immediately be taken to Your Current Soul Love Profile form, where you’ll answer a few questions that will help you begin to see the deeper blocks, while it helps me be fully prepared for our session, so that we can go as deep as possible with our time together.
  4. When you click “Submit” on the profile form, you’ll be taken directly to my Calendar, where you can schedule and confirm your session immediately.
  5. Then I’ll send you link to take the Soul Love Barriers Assessment.
  6. Last, but not least…  celebrate your soul’s commitment to true love and ecstatic passion and be sure to meet me at our session time!


Please know my calendar can fill up fast.  Men and women alike, tell me after these sessions just how much hope, insight, clarity, and direction they get in just an hour.

Nervousness is normal. Butterflies are normal. They’re actually necessary to step beyond where you’ve been and step into what you’ve always wanted.  

The question is, are you ready to take a chance… a chance on you… a chance on support… a chance on a new perspective… on a new way of being… a chance on the deepest most intimate love and ecstatic passion? 

I look forward to connecting with you and your soul! 

It is my honor, privilege and immense joy to support heart-centered men and women like you… to move beyond the challenges of love and passion and create a relationship that’s a full expression of ecstatic authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy.


In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

P.S. Joanna ShaktiI’d like to share a bit about my commitment to serve conscious men and women, singles and couples to ignite the fires of love and passion in their romantic lives.

My mission is to … awaken every many and woman on the planet to the spiritual path of love — self-love, romantic love, divine love — so that we may all know the deepest of connections, intimacies, pleasures and joys available on this human journey.

The people I work with discover how ecstatic authenticity, intimacy, and ecstasy take life, love and lovemaking to the edges of bliss… the edges of passion… and beyond!

heart virtue circle

“I’m all about virtues and when you can present sexual healing in a virtuous professional environment… it’s very difficult to do…  I told Joanna after the workshop, this is the single most powerful 3 days I’ve ever seen in a workshop…and I do some pretty powerful workshops myself…”

Greg Moores Creator of the Heart Virtues Program January 5, 2017

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