Activating Soul Love Program Overview

In the Ecstatic Authenticity and Activating Soul Love Phase:

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You'll get in touch with and awaken the true and genuine you… the you that is magnetically attractive and so totally lovable…. the you that attracts the men or women who are truly a "fit" for you. (Or the you that will re-attract the beloved you already have!)

As the feminine, you'll know how to awaken and step into your magnetic radiance. You'll know how to draw a man in and share your desires as a woman. You'll know when to truly open up. You'll know how to stay in your feminine safely…. and deeply receive the masculine.

As the masculine, you'll know when to stand tall and strong in your mojo and when to wrap your arms around her. You'll have a lot more than a clue about what's going to put a smile on her face… aaaaaand… You'll know when to safely open your heart in intimacy… when to soften into love.

By really knowing who you are, by loving who you are, and by being Ecstatically Authentic - instead of twisting yourself into a pretzel, trying to become who you think you need to be in order to attract a relationship - or trying to keep a relationship by selling yourself out or settling for something other than your heart's desire - you'll actually become available to love and be loved.

You'll enjoy being you… You'll feel naturally confident in entirely new ways and you'll finally be willing to be seen in your perfection and imperfection… and loved for all that you are.


Embodiment Elements

Embodiment Element #1:  Be Sexy & Attractive 

In this intensive module, you’ll get an introduction to the overall Path of Soul Love. Then we’ll get to know the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine.  You’ll identify your authentic sexual essence (the essential key to polarity—spark and chemistry—in any romantic relationship) and create your personal Masculine and Feminine “Gap Map.” You’ll see all the ways you are out of alignment with your sexual essence and discover what it takes to close that “gap” so that you become magnetically attractive and know how to captivate the one you love or want to love.


Embodiment Element #2: Become Radically Self Aware

For our second training, you’ll do something most people in relationship never do. You’ll dive deeply into understanding your needs, wants, desires, and even boundaries in relationship so that you can honestly, and authentically communicate them to a partner.  You’ll begin to create a clear vision of the relationship you desire, whether you’re in it or looking for it.  Plus, we’ll explore the 7-Layer Diamond of Self-Love and you’ll see where you currently live in this model so that you may climb to the highest levels of self-love, respect, honor and expression.  (By the way, if you’re thinking, “I don’t need that… I already know…” I can share from experience working with 100’s of people that when it comes down to it, we are rarely good at this. AND, more importantly, NOT doing this, is the #1 destroyer of long-term intimate relationships.)


Embodiment Element #3:  Discover your Inner Guidance System

In this module, you’ll get to know another critical aspect of you that dictates the “success” or “failure,” or better said, the happiness or challenge, of any relationship.  Your inner guidance system… made of up of your conscious and unconscious beliefs, rules, judgments, and fears… governs the outcome of your life and, hence, your romantic life.  This training will show you how to uncover the hidden internal barriers and limited consciousness that tends to block, sabotage and even destroy love… sometimes as it barely gets started. That means you can step fully into the most powerful and ecstatic experiences of loving and being loved.  (And, as a side-benefit, these tools change most men’s and women’s entire experience of life… filling it with more peace, joy, and love.)


Embodiment Element #4: Honor the REAL You

The number one destroyer of relationships is self-abandonment. Although counterintuitive, and some might say selfish, if you want love that lasts, you MUST stop abandoning you and start honoring, respecting and loving you. You teach others how to treat you, by how you treat you. In this module, we’ll build directly on the last module, this time using active tools to clear out that unconscious limiting programming. Better yet, we’ll empower you to do that clearing on your own, anytime in the future.  You’ll have the tools, wisdom, and confidence to finally step into your REAL “best self,” so that you’re totally attractive and you’ll always be respected, honored, and cherished by your (future) partner. 


Embodiment Element #5: Understanding the Opposite Sex

In this module, we’ll dive deeply into the confusing and frustrating differences between men and women. We’ll explore the innately different “wiring,” as well as communication and sexual differences. Most important, you’ll learn our “needs” differences, and this Men’s-Women’s Needs Model will explain practically every single upset you’ve ever had (or ever will have) in relationship so that you enjoy love filled with much less conflict and much more harmony and connection.


Embodiment Element #6:  Creating the Best Environment for Love

Love appears... relationship happens… love grows... only in the right environment.  So many men and women “think” they’re ready for love.  They think their lives have space for a partner and they’re shocked to find out the opposite is actually true.  Then as a relationship grows, life happens, kids arrive, and unexpected events surprise you... all too often love gets squeezed out.  In this module, singles will learn exactly what opens the door for a beloved to walk through… while couples will recognize the essential elements of a relationship that thrives.  Plus, you’ll know exactly how to create the right “inner” environment for love to unfold and stay strong in your heart.


Embodiment Element #7: Set the Stage for Partnership

Here, we’ll share specific practices and exercises that will show you how to have the best, most conscious beginning to a relationship. Once again, it doesn’t matter if you haven’t met Mr. or Mrs. Right or if you’ve been married for years.  If you don’t, or haven’t, intentionally, set the foundation for your relationship, you will face too many unnecessary challenges and heartaches.  Plus, since many men and women have had previous relationships (and… shhhh… carried a bit of baggage along with them), we’ll also explain how to consciously complete a relationship, even it’s been over for decades. All of this means that you get to give your present or future relationship the very best chance to be lasting, happy and hot.


Embodiment Element #8: Discover the Ecstasy of Sacred Sensuality

When you awaken the fullness of your sensuality you will begin to experience life at a completely different level of richness, pleasure and joy.  Sacred sensually means that you fully engage with the experience of life, which ensures that you get to experience the deepest of connections, intimacies, pleasures and joys available on this human journey. Men, don’t get scared!  This won’t be weird and it will absolutely give you one of the most powerful tools to ignite ecstasy in your loving.  What’s most important in this module is that you’ll learn how to awaken your senses which allows you to experience the scents, curves, lines, eyes, pleasure-filled sounds, and feel of your beloved at the highest levels of intimacy and pleasure.



Weekend Retreats


Soulful Relating Retreat

Day 1 & Morning of Day 2:  Leave the “Unenlightened” Baggage Behind

Your “Conscious Relating” Intensive Retreat begins with experiences and exercises designed to remove the blocks and barriers to love, intimacy, and relationship that might exist within you.  You’ll clear out beliefs, habits, fears, and judgments that have been limiting you from opening your heart fully to the depths of love.  You’ll be able to remove “walls of protection” that keep you from accessing and experiencing true romantic intimacy.


Day 2 Afternoon:  Ecstatic & Sexy Men & Women

On the afternoon of day two, you’ll get completely clear on your masculine or feminine sexual essences. You’ll literally practice walking, talking, and standing in your true nature. And, along the way, you’ll get plenty of great personalized feedback. The women will inspire the men to step into their presence, mojo, passion, and confidence. The men will help the women step into their grace, presence, radiance, and confidence.  


Day 3:  Getting Intimate

Finally, on day three we’ll dive deep into the tools, skills, and practices you need to create deep intimacy—emotional, physical, and spiritual intimacy—with a romantic partner.  We’ll explore the differences between how men and women communicate so that you can learn how to “translate” our different languages.  Plus, you’ll learn our shared language of intimacy (and it’s not what you think!)  Finally, you’ll put into practice all aspect of conscious and intimate communication so that you know how to connect at the deepest levels of your heart, reduce the number of upsets, move through upsets more quickly, with less heartache, when they do occur, and finally know exactly how this heartfelt intimacy sets the stage for ecstatic lovemaking.


"Frankly I’ve been to a lot of workshops and I was thinking this was going to be another typical workshop.  I’ll tell you, if there are any thoughts, by all means go.  There are a couple of processes that certainly cut to the quick... that really drove home a lot of issues that I’ve been dealing with for a long time.  If there is anything I can say, if you’re single, in a relationship, by yourself whatever.  It’s certainly life changing." ~Patrick

“I wanted to express my deepest gratitude to Joanna for putting on this Conscious Relating workshop that was very moving… such an empowering workshop.   I know it’s going to immensely impact my relationship with my wife who took the course with me.  It was a wonderful time together.   We have lots of things to put together and learn and grow with, using this wonderful information about how men and women think differently, behave differently, see things differently... and yet how beautifully we complement each other when we are just open to that.  My sincere and deepest gratitude to Joanna and this work.” ~ Chris


Soulful Passion Retreat

Day 1 & Morning of Day 2:  Release Your Limits to Pleasure and Ecstasy

Your “Conscious Sexuality” Intensive Retreat begins with experiences and exercises designed to remove the blocks and barriers to sexual connection, intimacy and ecstasy that might exist within you.  You’ll clear out beliefs, habits, fears, and judgments that have been limiting you from fully connecting with your sexual expression.  You’ll be able to remove societal, religious and life-experiencing conditioning that, in all likelihood, unconsciously limits both your pleasure and your partner’s pleasure.  Leaving all that behind, you can take your intimate life to the edges of ecstasy and beyond.  


Day 2 Afternoon:  Enlightened Lovemaking

On the afternoon of day two, we’ll explore sexual anatomy, sexual personalities, turns-ons, desire, and the sexual dance of the divine masculine and feminine with all of its ravishing ecstasy.  We’ll create a space for learning, questions, conversations, and honesty between men and women as they share with each other what truly creates the most ecstatic sexual experiences for each other.


Day 3:  Getting Ecstatic

Finally, on day three we’ll begin exploring the art of romance and the practice of sacred sexuality.  You’ll learn the 7 principles of Sacred Sexual Loving and begin awakening your Sacred Energy System that opens the gateway to expanded pleasure and sacred union.  You’ll find out how both men and women can unite heart and sex in sacred loving and we’ll even explore the art and energy of kissing… You’d be surprised what you don’t know about this intimate art.

The entire weekend is designed to wake up the most romantic, intimate, and passionate lover in you so you can share and receive the deepest pleasures of sexual union.


"Wow.  Conscious Sexuality blew me away… way past my expectations.  It was an incredibly safe space.  I really felt comfortable to open up and ask any question about sex or sexual practices that I ever want to know.  Joanna’s expertise is just amazing and she’s really capable of taking you to a depth of experience that was totally unexpected to me.  What I see possible for me now is being able to drop the façade ... be my authentic self, ... and attract love into my life." ~Birgit

"I’ve been married for 12 years and this weekend I had the most incredible sex with this lady, who is actually my wife, but it was like the very first time we ever got together.  It was special. It was intimate. It’s going to be an opportunity to not only change my life, but evolve it.  If you're reading this you should be part of it. If you’re missing out, you’re missing part of your life!" ~Rick