Up Against the Wall: Kissing Secrets

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Up Against the Wall: Kissing Secrets

Ever have a great date, but a lousy kiss?  If you’ve wanted a little more spice and a little more spark in your ecstatic kissing, don’t worry.  Even if you’re not a great kisser by design, it IS a skill you can learn!

Here’s the truth, the quality and frequency of kissing can have a huge impact on the overall quality of a relationship … and the passion that happens in it!

passionate kissing

Want to know the most important of the kissing secrets? It’s all in the sensual.

  • Feel it.
  • Experience the kiss.

How do I do that?

It’s about kissing and being kissed. Separate the two. I know that sounds weird, but trust me, if you let him or her kiss you… ooooooo h, the pleasure that’s available!  Then you can kiss back.

Want more kissing secrets?

In your kiss, use all your gifts.  What do I mean by gifts?   Your lips, your tongue, your teeth, your breath, your sound… are all the gifts you have to give while you are kissing.  Here are the most important things you want to remember… 

Ecstatic Kissing1) More energy, less technique.

Let the energy circulate between you and take the energy of that kiss way up.

 2) Variety, variety, variety.

Vary the speed, pressure, depth, gifts your using and the parts of the lips you’re kissing!

3) Open your eyes and drink them in.

4) Slow down, build anticipation, tease.

5) Don’t forget your hands!

Touch them, touch their face, their neck. Wrap them up, or maybe, if you know them well, put your hand on their sacrum/ low back.

6) Kissing, it’s not just for the lips.

If you’d like more insights into the masculine and feminine dynamics… 

Men… I have Gifts for you HERE

Women… I have Gifts for you HERE

In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti








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