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Are You Being Seen or Are you Hiding?

Are you hiding or are you being seen when it comes to dating and relationships?  Or in life, for that matter?

Let’s focus on romantic interactions for now… but you’ll see how the same practice applies to all relationships.  Then later I’ll share with you how you take one big leap into being seen.  

Relationships… they take time and a willingness to be seen.

We all actually WANT to be seen… yet, the truth is some part of us often hides so we CAN’T be seen.  

We usually hide and deny the parts of ourselves that we’ve judged or that we feel have somehow made us vulnerable in the past. Being seen often feels too risky.

Yet it IS this very vulnerability and realness that makes love… true love… possible.  

It’s this willingness to be seen in your strength and your weakness, your power and your vulnerability, your beauty and your mess that allows you to be loved… really loved.

When you let yourself be seen for who you truly are then and only then can you trust the loveyou experience from someone else.  

It’s the only time you’ll stop questioning it, doubting it, wondering if it will last.  

It’s the only time you’ll find and experience the freedom and joy of being in relationship.  

BUT… Being REAL ain’t easy.

In our world it’s actually pretty darn hard.  Society tends to reward you for putting on a pretty face, keeping it together, hiding your emotions and never letting them “see you sweat.”  

But that’s not life.  We all know it but we don’t talk about it.  


Until you are actually ready for true soul-to-soul soulmate love.  

Then you won’t put up with the old way anymore.  Then you won’t settle, sell yourself out, or turn yourself into a pretzel to get someone to like youor to keep a relationship.  

(By the way, getting real doesn’t mean a current relationship has to end.  It means you can finally experience the deeper love and passion you’ve always hungered for.)

So… yes… real is tough… and real is where love ignites, blossoms and grows.  

How do you get real?

We’ll that’s where you take a relationship to the next level.  Any relationship. Being seen fully makes it real.

You see, my commitment in the world is…

“to awaken every man and women to the real journey of love – self-love, romantic love, divine unconditional love – so that we may each experience the deepest of connections, pleasures, intimacies and joy available on this human journey.”

That’s why I’m here.  Some men and women are called to work with me and dive deep into this path… others aren’t.  I trust that our paths connect as they are meant to in perfect divine timing.

Is now the time?

If you’re heart wants to know and experience TRUE love… soulmate love… whether you’re in a relationship or looking for one, then I’d be honored to support you.

The next step you and I can take together is to meet one-on-one privately to talk about…

  • exactly where you are now when it comes to love and intimacy…
  • where you are stuck
  • where you want to go … and
  • what you want to experience in love in bed and out.

Then we lay out a plan for you to get from where you are stuck now to where you and your heart want to go…

…so you can experience the deepest of love, where heart and sex unite and spirit leads.  

That’s the kind of love and passion I’m talking about.

When you and I meet like this, I call the session an Igniting Soul Love Session because that’s exactly what we do.  

You and I (re-)create the spark of love so that the flames of love burn brightly (again) in your life.   

It doesn’t matter if you are in a relationship or you want one.  It doesn’t matter if your partner won’t join you. This is about your heart (or hearts).

So, if you’d like to meet with me privately enter Promo Code SOUL and you’ll save $100!  

I hope I get the privilege of speaking with you and connecting with your heart.  And, if now is not the time, I trust that too.

If you’re like most, you’ve been waiting a long time for real love, but it’s comfortable to wait. Or so it seems.  

But every day we wait to become real and open to the actual possibility of love we miss out.  So, if you feel like now is not the time, just be sure that’s not your comfort zone speaking.  (It can be a sneaky little devil!)

This is a NOW opportunity…  if you heart and soul are ready.

Until we connect again…

In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

*At Ecstatic Intimacy, an all-inclusive website for singles and couples, we welcome all sexual orientation(s), gender(s) and relationship expressions. In this article we utilize the pronouns he/she/him/her.

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