Ecstatic Authenticity™: Stage 1

Authentic Self Love -- Bring yourself fully and confidently to the journey of loving and being loved.

Walking The Path of Love™

Here's exactly what Authentic Self Love looks like when relating…

You're in touch with and awakening the true and genuine you... the you that is magnetically attractive and completely lovable... the you that attracts a soul mate who is a true "fit" for you. (Or re-attracts the one you are with, to deepen your souls' journey.) 

You understand the power (and necessity) of the deeper dance of the masculine and feminine. 

As the feminine, you know how to awaken your magnetic radiance. You know how to draw a man in who shares your desires. You know when to truly open up. You know how to stay in your feminine safely…. and deeply receive the masculine.

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As the masculine, you know when to stand tall and strong in your mojo and when to wrap your arms around her. You innately understand what puts a smile on her face… aaaaaand… you know when to safely open your heart in intimacy… when to safely soften into love... and when to walk away.


Authentic Self-Love: When we show our Authentic Self people love us...

  • You stop chasing the illusion of "happily ever after" and you actually set the foundation for your relationship (present or future) based on real love, real intimacy, real passion.
  • You trust again and have the natural confidence to be the real, most attractive you…
  • You're true to you first… and you no longer twist yourself into a pretzel trying to be good enough. You never again lose yourself to love. And, you never again settle or sell yourself out trying to make love work. You're happy being you… and wouldn't change it for the world. (That's "Ecstatic Authenticity".)
  • Men: You show up fully… embodying the power of your masculine nature AND an open heart. You know who you are and what you stand for. The ones you date (or want to date) surely take notice… because it's what the feminine most craves.
  • Women: You feel… you are… magnetically attractive and innately beautiful. You feel safe having your light turned on bright. You attract your "one" over and over again… Or, as single, you finally attract the kind of person you've always hoped to love.
  • Men: You're no longer afraid of the feminine's intensity, power or emotions. They no longer intimidate you. As a matter of fact, they ignite more of your power. Plus, you finally "get" the source of a woman's wild, free sexual expression.
  • Women: You finally see men for their greatness. You're willing to let a man be your hero… and you feel stronger and more powerful for it.
  • Men: You're confident and powerful. You know exactly what to do to win her heart and make her happy.
  • Women: He's present, tender, and powerful all at the same time, and your heart won't stop doing flip-flops.
  • You're best friends and passionate lovers… and you stay madly in love.
  • You know that love can last through the ups and downs of life… forever.

The 8 Requirements Necessary to Prepare for Authentic Relating

#1 Be Sexy and Attractive

Identify your authentic sexual essence (the essential key to polarity-spark and chemistry). You'll see all the ways you are out of alignment with your sexual essence and discover what it takes to close that "gap" so that you become magnetically attractive and captivating to your one.

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#2 Become Radically Self Aware

Understand your needs, wants, desires, turn-ons and boundaries as you explore the 7-Layer Diamond of Sacred You and climb to the highest levels of self-honor.

#3 Discover Your Inner Guidance System

Learn how to uncover the hidden internal barriers and limited consciousness that blocks, sabotages and even destroys love… sometimes as it barely gets started. Reclaim trust and confidence in you.

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4 #Honor the REAL You

Self-abandonment is the number one destroyer of relationships. When you learn to genuinely honor, respect and love you in all moments, only then will YOU be totally attractive.

#5 Understand the Opposite Sex

Dive deeply into over 50 key communication, needs, and sexuality differences between men and women; Learn the "needs" model that explains every upset you've ever had (or ever will have) and enjoy much more harmony and connection.

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#6 Create the Best Environment for Love

Love grows, only in the right environment. So many "think" they have space for love and are shocked to find out the opposite is actually true. Know exactly how to create the right environment, inside and out, for love to unfold and stay strong.

#7 Set the Stage for Partnership

Create a personalized conscious beginning ritual to set a solid relationship foundation. Consciously complete past relationships, even if they've been over for decades. These rituals give your present (or future) relationship the very best chance to last.

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#8 Discover the Ecstasy of Sacred Sensuality

Fully engage with the deepest of connections, pleasures, intimacies, and joys. Know the most powerful tools to ignite ecstasy in loving as you awaken your senses to the scents, curves, lines, eyes, and pleasure-filled sounds,of your beloved.

The strength of your relationship with another depends directly on the strength of your relationship with you.
- Joanna Shakti -

Stage 1: Embodying Ecstatic Authenticity through Activating Soul Love™


The Soulful Relating Retreat Where Soul Love and Soul Partnership Ignite

The entire Soulful Relating weekend is designed to wake up the ecstatically authentic you - the most romantic, intimate, and passionate you - so you can ignite and experience the deepest love and truest passion.

The Soulful Passion Retreat Where Soul Love & Soul Sex Meet

This powerful and transformative weekend filled with other conscious men and women, like you, will radically transform your relationship with love and sexuality. You'll walk away not only with a more open heart for intimate loving, but you'll also know how to ignite the chemistry, attraction and passion that set a relationship on fire with love and ecstasy while keeping those fires burning over the years of loving!


 The Divine Masculine Feminine Retreat: Where the Conscious Masculine and Feminine Unite

The Divine Masculine Feminine weekend retreat offers the opportunity to clearly reveal your patterns and habits that unconsciously sabotage connection, intimacy and passion. Understand the foundation of intimate relationships through embodied wholeness and the true masculine-feminine dance.

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Whether you are dating, engaged, partnered, or married for decades, Activating Soul Love sets (or resets) the critical, and mostly overlooked foundation for deep intimate relating.

"My journey through the Activating Soul Love Program has changed my life at work, with my birth family, my uncommitted lover, my adult son, and my friends. The impact of me embracing my feminine energy and learning to trust it has opened up space for all of them to be more authentically themselves. I truly can say that I am lovable now and I am proud of the way I show up in the world. I had been advised at work 6 months ago that I needed to work on my soft skills and delivery to co-workers. I was causing conflict at work, especially with men because I was coming across as bossy. As I worked through the Activating Soul Love program, I focused on the feminine qualities of surrender, vulnerability and receiving. The more feminine I became, the more masculine my boss and male co-workers became. The frustration I had over them being indecisive and not leading our team became a surrender to the universe of the way they wanted it to be. It was no longer a problem I needed to fix. And somehow it got fixed... This program has a ripple effect on the world around me. And I am so happy."

~ C.

"This work has literally almost saved my life.  I've been searching for so long.  I've done and tried many things.  The Activating Soul Love Program has helped answer the question I used to ask, "What's wrong with me?"  The answers I'm getting in the program are pinpoint correct and very direct.  (And there was never anything wrong with me.)  You can live in the dark so long and light doesn't come. Then you discover something suddenly and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. That's what happened to me when I started this program. I'd been living like this pretty much my whole life and this has opened up everything for me. I've done a lot of therapy.  I've talked a lot and it doesn't fix the problem.  And, it takes so long.  This puts what I needed right in front of me.  I don't have to search any more.  It makes the process so much more profound and immediate. I'm so grateful I discovered you.  This is salve on my wounds.  It just works."

~ M.

"Focusing on baby steps forward helped take some of the pressure off of trying to get it right all the time. Becoming more aware of when and how I am being self critical and judgmental, and allowing myself to feel what I am feeling has helped me to be more kind, loving, and compassionate towards myself, and as a result, I can be kinder and more compassionate towards my husband..."

~ J.

"If you crave a deeper level of intimacy in your relationships, the Activating Soul Love Program is for you (married or single). A couple weeks into the program and the magic is already unfolding for me! I have attended a retreat and begun the coaching and trainings. Joanna has given me so much insight on the masculine and feminine from a DNA level, a "needs" level and a communication standpoint. She has also helped me understand my own boundaries, wants, and desires, which is truly bringing my authentic me up to the surface. I now realize that the intimacy and connection that I desire are actually possible...and that there are others who want this, too. I see the path to Soul Love and I'm on it!"

~ K.

Once you have that ability to stand truly as who you are…

Then, and only then, do the doors and dimensions of true partnership open. And, when they open, you'll find an intimacy and a love, that takes your breath away.

We call that "Ecstatic Intimacy" and we create that in the Loving Soul-to-Soul stage… 

The 2nd Stage 

The First Step of the Journey

"What we can do today is choose to schedule a little time to reconnect with your truth, your heart, your power…"

Take one step forward with a Private "Igniting Soul Love Session" with Joanna where together you will pinpoint the #1 thing keeping you from Soul Love and identify the best next steps you can take on your personal path of Soul Love.

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Open to Singles, Couples, or to one Individual in a relationship.