Beyond Powerful – How to Manifest Create and Find Things

Beyond Powerful – How to Manifest, Create, and Find Things

We have no idea the immense powers that exist in this universe.   I am learning beyond a shadow of a doubt, if there is something you desire you can have it.  You can have it.

It requires feeling every ounce of the desire.  It requires letting go completely, surrendering fully.   It requires knowing it will happen.   (And, the third is not at the expense of the second.)

Spiritual writers speak of the mystery.   I’m sensing it, I’m feeling it.  There is a mystery beyond all comprehension.   It is huge.  It is simple.

I had someone close to me recently say, “You are not powerful.  You are full of power.  And, the power is not yours.  It works through you.  It is Grace’s, God’s power.”  I released my religious affiliations years ago and yet I’m still deeply connected to many of them… Christianity, Tao-ism, Hindu-ism…   Each speaks of a divine nature, an infinite power.   I can simply say yes.  Yes.  That power is real.  And, I’m in awe of it.

Thank you Grace/God/Spirit for the privilege of carrying out your work.

Last night I had the blessings of sharing the most heart-opening, sweet evening with 25 or so people at Ignite Night.  The transformation in the room in just 2 hours was palpable and unquestionable to all there.

This morning I experienced the mystery differently.  I lost my keys yesterday.  I searched high and low… everywhere for more than an hour.  The same friend I spoke of earlier, said “I promise you you’ll find them.”  He emphasized promise.  How could he know?  Yet, I felt the truth of his words, and still I was uncertain.  As I worked this morning… I had the thought, “Let go.  If you find them, you find them.  If you don’t you don’t.”

I continued to work, ate my breakfast and set my plate on top of a stack of folders on my desk.  A little while later, I got up to get something and I looked down and there was a key sticking out from under my plate.  I thought that’s weird… is that where I put the spare key?  I pulled on the key and the missing ring of 3 keys including my car fob were now in my hand.   How is that possible?  I have no idea.  This stack of folders was at the front edge of my desk.  I moved the entire stack looking around it for the keys last night.  There was no way the keys were on top.  Yet, there on top of those folders under the edge of my plate were my keys.  Mystery.

Unexplainable.  Gratitude.  Awe.  Full of Power.
So what does this have to do with relationship and love?  What does it have to do with power, love, and orgasm that were in the title today…   It has everything to do with love… everything to do with dreams… and they often go together.


No matter what your heart truly longs for… you can have it.


If your heart longs for love, you can have it.  If your heart longs to travel the oceans, you can.  If your spirit’s calling you to to do something big with your life, you can.


If it’s finally time to have the relationship you’ve always wanted, even if a part of you still wants to run frantically in the other direction, then I invite you to…


1) Clearly speak that desire to the universe… Speak it out loud (no one else has to hear it expect the Universe).  Speak it out with all the passion and desire you have for it.  Bring the depth of you excitement, passion and desire to the words.   The powerful the expression of your feelings the better.
2) Then let it go… release all attachment to when or how you have it.   Look for a genuine feeling in your body of, “If I find it, I find it.  If I don’t, you don’t.”   When you can fully feel that in your body… genuinely… you’ve surrender fully.   And now the magic can happen.
3) Simply know that it will.  Feel it in your heart.  It’s a feeling as if it’s already happened.   You can know and you can remain in the surrender.


May the magic and mystery of this powerful universe we live in bless you deeply in love.  


In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

*At Ecstatic Intimacy, an all-inclusive website for singles and couples, we welcome all sexual orientation(s), gender(s) and relationship expressions. In this article we utilize the pronouns he/she/him/her.

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