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with Joanna Shakti, the Soul Love Mentor

Ready to Enjoy Soul Love and Soul Sex?   

If your heart is beating a little faster… if you’ve had a glimpse of hope… if maybe, just maybe, you’ve found what you’ve been looking for…

Then you are invited to take the first step on the Path of Soul Love…


Soul Love First StepThe First Step:  A Private 1-on-1 Soul Love Breakthrough Session with me, Joanna Shakti, the Soul Love Mentor


Deep intimacy (Soul Love) and real passion (Soul Sex) only happen when they’re inspired from, and aligned with, your soul.

I know what it’s like to experience heart-break after heart-break… I’ve been in the friend-zone more than once… I know what it’s like to be non-orgasmic… and to cry tears of loneliness…

Yet, I found a way out… I discovered a path of soulmate soul-to-soul love for men and women… Would you like to experience it?  Then, it’s time to take the first step and schedule a Soul Love Breakthrough Session.  


Soul Love Breakthrough Session

Our heart can know it’s time… finally… to open up to the deepest love and the truest passion… yet our mind can scramble with the thought, “Is this really it? Is this actually what I’ve been looking for?” … all while the body might be vibrating with fear or trepidation… and maybe even excitement.



Soulful LoveThe Soul Love Breakthrough Session is designed to create a private, conscious, safe and intentional space to…

Get real about what’s been going on for you in the world of love and sex.

Tell the truth about what frustrates you, hurts you, scares you, or even pisses you off when it comes to dating, relating, and mating… so you can get to the bottom of those challenges, let them go, and have the love life you really want.

… Know that you’re not stuck, or broken, or hopeless.

Honor your heart’s desire to love and make love deeply and passionately.  

Meet the fears, the excuses, and the “yeah but’s” that have held you back… and finally trust your soul’s fire of love and passion that burns deep within.

Answer the questions of the mind… “How do I do this?” …  “Can it work for me in my situation?” … “What’s really the best step for me?”

… Choose to stop settling or playing small… to show up as the man or woman you need to be to meet your soulmate or reconnect with the one you have – and finally have the love life – that YOU – your heart, body and soul – have always known you wanted.  

This will be a time to step back into your power… a time to choose to move beyond the barriers and limitations of the past… and commit to soulful love and intimate passion… your way.

Apply Now!



Sexual AttractionDuring your Breakthrough session, you will…

    • Get totally clear on what has really been holding you back from true connection and chemistry, whether you’re single or in a relationship.
    • Find out exactly why love may have faded or passion might have fizzled, even when it started off so passionately. (We’re talking roommate and friend-zone or nice girl/nice guy syndrome.)
    • Identify your personal path of Soul Love that will take you from struggling, frustrated or lonely… to ecstatically in love.
    • Get you “turned on” to the power of Ecstatic Intimacy so that you can start experiencing a deeper, more meaningful union of body, heart, and soul.
    • Decide on the best next step you can take so that you can (find and) create a relationship filled with authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy.


These sessions are available for singles, couples, or even one partner in a relationship…

You and I will meet on the phone or via video conference, spending about 55-75 minutes together … and clients rave about how seen, heard and understood they feel and how much HOPE they gain in their Soul Love Breakthrough Session.


These sessions are valued at $497 and I know that when someone reads this far, love matters… a lot. I know that at least some part of you is ready to be done with the old way and the old results… whether that be loneliness, confusion, heartache, or even frustration with love.  I know, if you’re here, you are ready to attract (re-attract) the love of your life and create a Soul Love relationship.


Because you have found your way to this page…

You are eligible to apply for a Complimentary Soul Love Breakthrough Session


Here’s the thing…

I only have a very limited number of these sessions available each month, so I only accept men and women who are serious about upping their game when it comes to love... and who are ready for real transformational momentum… men and women who are done with the pain and frustration. If that’s you… then click below to apply.

While I can’t guarantee you’ll receive a session, I can guarantee that I’m committed to serving those who are ready for radical romantic up-leveling!


And, here’s the bottom line…

Knowing you can apply for one of these session right now, here’s the bottom line:  You can attract and have a relationship where the Soul Love runs deep and the Soul Sex stays hot you simply have to know the right steps for you on your path of Soul Love.  Your Soul Love Breakthrough Session will show you those steps!


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Has your soul waited long enough to meet its mate, express its love, and experience its passion?


If you answered, “Yes!”, then follow the steps below and click the button to apply for your Soul Love Breakthrough Session.


Here’s exactly what you need to do…

  1. Click the “Apply Now” button below to access the application
  2. Fill in your details on the form.
  3. When you click “Submit” on the application form, you’ll get a notification email that we’ve received your application.
  4. If it feels like you are a great fit for one of these sought-after Soul Love Breakthrough Sessions, we’ll let you know via emailSo keep an eye on your inbox and be sure to put [email protected] in your contacts.  
    Note: All your information is completely confidential and we will never share it with anyone. 


Do know that these sessions can fill up quickly, so please don’t wait.  Whenever I’m at maximum capacity, I will change this link to a waiting list. 


The holiday season and the New Year are often challenging times when it comes to love. So, these sessions can fill up quickly… Apply right away for your chance to meet with me privately about your love life! 

* For new clients only

In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

P.S. Joanna ShaktiI’d like to share a bit about my commitment to serve conscious men and women, singles and couples to ignite the fires of love and passion in their romantic lives.

My mission is to … awaken every many and woman on the planet to the spiritual path of love — self-love, romantic love, divine love — so that we may all know the deepest of connections, intimacies, pleasures and joys available on this human journey.

The people I work with discover how ecstatic authenticity, intimacy, and ecstasy take life, love and lovemaking to the edges of bliss… the edges of passion… and beyond!

heart virtue circle

“I’m all about virtues and when you can present sexual healing in a virtuous professional environment… it’s very difficult to do…  I told Joanna after the workshop, this is the single most powerful 3 days I’ve ever seen in a workshop…and I do some pretty powerful workshops myself…”

Greg Moores Creator of the Heart Virtues Program January 5, 2017

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