15 Relationship Challenges of Most Professional Women

relationship challenges of most professional women

The greatest relationship challenges for professional women happen because they lose sight of the fact that what makes them successful in business will likely leave them unhappy, disappointed, and even rejected in romance and intimacy. Professional women make truly amazing romantic partners when they realize they don’t have to work as hard at love as…

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How to Sincerely Apologize: Saying “I’m Sorry” from the Heart

how to sincerely apologize

Knowing how to sincerely apologize can make all the difference between a relationship that lasts a lifetime and one where the love or friendship fades, leaving both people wondering, “What happened?” Those who know how to sincerely apologize build the strongest and most sustainable relationships.  Let’s face it, every relationship, romantic or otherwise, will have…

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Why Successful Women Fail at Dating and Relationships

why successful women fail at dating and relationships

Not only do successful women sometimes fail at dating and relationships, the men who love them, or try to love them, also struggle. It actually takes an immense amount of courage to date a so-called strong independent woman (which we know), and most men who bravely attempt it too often find themselves in a no-win,…

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How to Get Over Someone: The Unpopular Answer

how to get over someone

Asking the question, how to get over someone, can serve you well. It means that, even though you may feel pain or grief right now, you actually want to know how to move beyond it. Unfortunately, this question isn’t complete. There’s a critical distinction that isn’t addressed and that distinction makes all the difference to…

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How Long Is Too Long Without Sex In a Relationship?

how long is too long without sex in a relationship

How long is too long without sex in a relationship? Fortunately and unfortunately, there is no exact or right answer to this question. For most, if you’re here seeking an answer, you likely know some level of confusion, frustration, hurt, or even lowered self confidence in your intimate relationship.  That’s the bad news.  The good…

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