Unwrap This: 10 Reasons Your Soulmate Can’t See You

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If you’re in a relationship, are you wishing to be seen more fully and connect more deeply? If you are single, are you hoping Santa will deliver your soulmate this year? Without a doubt, experiencing that spark of connection and passion would put a smile on just about anyone’s face right now… Snuggling by a…

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6 Mistakes Women Make That Drive Men Away!

6 Mistakes Women Make That Drive Men Away

Ladies do you ever wonder why the great men disappear? Ever wondered, why they’re just not so great after a while? Here are six all too common mistakes women make with men that drive the great ones away. 1. You want him to be sensitive, and you don’t want him to be sensitive. It just doesn’t…

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Get Out of the Friend Zone Now

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Are you tired of the friend and roommate zones? Here are three primary reasons that men and women end up in the friend zone… and how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. First, You neutralize your sexual essence, which means you consciously, or more often unconsciously, turn down your masculine or feminine sexual…

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The #1 Reason Relationships Fail

The 1 Reason Relationships Fail

Would you like to know the #1 reason why relationships fail and make sure it doesn’t happen to you?   The number one reason why relationships fail is because YOU aren’t actually in it. You might be saying, wait a second, I was the one having sex, I was the one crying the tears, I…

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6 Mistakes Men Make that Turn Women Off!

6 Mistakes Men Make that Turn Women Off

Men, are you hot…Or not? Here are six all-too-common mistakes men make that turn women off. 1. You’re too respectful. Don’t give her your card, respectfully ask for hers. And don’t think that ravishing passion is disrespectful, it turns a whole lot of women on. 2. You try to be too sensitive. Yes, be compassionate. Yes, speak…

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Why do you Block Love?

Why do you Block Love

Why do you block love?  I know… your first answer is “I don’t!  I want love.  I don’t block it!  I seek it… all the time!”  Or maybe your answer is “I don’t block it… but it’s just not out there for me.  All the good ones are taken.  No one my age is as…

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The Light & Shadow of Love & Sex

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We might imagine that everything we do in the name of love or pleasure is “good”.  On the flip side, we might also imagine that anything someone does to ignite love or passion in us has “ulterior” motives.  Both are extremes in thinking, in consciousness.  Some are so fearful of love, intimacy and passion that they…

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Stop Separating from Love

We all want to be loved AND way too often we run from love… and we don’t even know it. The same goes for pleasure and joy.  We want it and we avoid it simultaneously.  The old “one foot on the gas with one foot on the brake” adage applies here.  As a matter of…

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