How to Fix Intimacy Issues: A Step-by-Step Process

how to fix intimacy issues

When it comes to how to fix intimacy issues, one of the first things to realize is that intimacy can mean many different things, depending on who asks the question. To make matters worse, most people hold a limited, if not flawed, definition of intimacy. So, before we can answer the question, before we can…

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Dating vs Relationship: How to Know the Difference

dating vs relationship

Dating vs relationship. Is it a comparison of, or a battle between, the two? Depending on our mindset, it might be both, if even unconsciously.  Most often our exploration between the two arises because we don’t quite understand the “status” of an experience unfolding between us and a romantic interest. Sometimes we ask “Is this…

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The Most Common Physical Intimacy Issues and How to Overcome Them

physical intimacy issues

No matter how compatible the partners, any long-standing, soulful, romantic relationship will face physical intimacy issues during the relationship. Period. Full stop. It’s not uncommon to start facing them in the early weeks of dating, sometimes even the first time we make love, or the first time we intimately touch.  As the relationship progresses over…

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Physical Intimacy in a Relationship Matters

physical intimacy in a relationship

How important is physical intimacy in a relationship? Very. Physical intimacy in all its forms plays an essential role in lasting relationships where both partners truly feel happy together. Many partnerships do survive years, sometimes decades without physical intimacy, yet almost never, would either partner say they felt joy, satisfaction or real peace in that…

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Intimacy Issues: 51 Common Signs of Intimacy Issues

intimacy issues

Intimacy issues take on many forms and show up in many different ways in our daily lives. While we often associate intimacy with romantic relationships as you’ll see below, your relationship with intimacy itself plays out in practically every area of your life.  It’s important also to make note of the fact that when many…

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Masculinity is Not Toxic

masculinity is not toxic

No matter what you’ve heard, no matter how true it might seem, masculinity is not toxic. Using that phrase might feel righteous, it might feel empowering, it might even feel liberating to proclaim and project that masculinity is toxic, but it’s simply not true. The real truth is that using the phrase is toxic. It’s…

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The Insidious Ways Self Abandonment Harms Relationships

Self Abandonment Harms Relationships

If you’re like most people, you’ve rarely if ever heard the term self abandonment. Yet relating to yourself and relating to your relationships in this way can cause untold – yet unnecessary – heartache.  The ways that self abandonment harms relationships, while insidious and truly destructive, have only recently been given credit for the havoc…

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