What is Feminine Energy? Understanding the Power

Simply asking the question “what is feminine energy?” carries a power of its own. When you start to consider the importance and influence that feminine energy brings to life and to love, the concerns about weakness and powerlessness that so many project onto feminine energy may quickly dissolve.  In our modern world, our  misunderstandings of…

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15 Relationship Challenges of Most Professional Women

relationship challenges of most professional women

The greatest relationship challenges for professional women happen because they lose sight of the fact that what makes them successful in business will likely leave them unhappy, disappointed, and even rejected in romance and intimacy. Professional women make truly amazing romantic partners when they realize they don’t have to work as hard at love as…

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Divine Feminine Energy Connection and Cultivation

divine feminine energy

When someone begins to investigate divine feminine energy they can rest assured that they have in fact made contact with this precious part of themselves. Then, having touched or sensed the sacred beauty and power that has lain dormant, one must decide whether to answer the call. One must decide how to respond to the…

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Feminine Archetypes: How to Recognize and Embody Them

feminine archetypes

Feminine archetypes offer us beautiful, deep, and often startling insights into the psyche and heart of feminine embodiment. With that, we must remember that feminine energy lives and breathes in every one of us. Therefore these can be found in every person regardless of gender expression. From there we might also note that these feminine…

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Why Successful Women Fail at Dating and Relationships

why successful women fail at dating and relationships

Not only do successful women sometimes fail at dating and relationships, the men who love them, or try to love them, also struggle. It actually takes an immense amount of courage to date a so-called strong independent woman (which we know), and most men who bravely attempt it too often find themselves in a no-win,…

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Huge Signs a Woman is Attracted to You

Huge signs a woman is attracted to you

Often, there are huge signs a woman is attracted to you, but these can be easily misinterpreted or go unnoticed. Why is that and what exactly is attraction? Attraction refers to the natural and complementary forces that draw individuals with different dominant energies (masculine and feminine) toward each other in various aspects of life, including…

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Male archetypes: Which ones are for me?

male archetypes

Male archetypes, while not personality identifications nor specific qualities, do represent consistent patterns of presentation and behavior in men. With that, for our purposes here we’ll explore male archetypes and masculine archetypes together. Masculine archetypes demonstrate common expressions of those who embody masculine energy. Everyone, regardless of gender or orientation, embodies masculine energy at some…

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11 Masculine Energy Traits Women Crave

masculine energy

The polarity dynamics of romantic relationships naturally inspire feminine women to crave essential masculine energy traits in the men they connect with. In the absence of these traits, women who are attracted to masculine men will find themselves losing interest, even without clearly knowing why. Without a core presence of masculine energy, women will struggle…

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