Women’s Emotions: Conscious and Unconscious Expressions

women's emotions

These powerful amazing sexy, sometimes wild, energies we call women’s emotions can actually terrify the best of us. Most honest men will tell you they’re intimidated by them. Too many women will admit they avoid their own emotions, especially strong ones. Some have been told women’s emotions are too much. Women have been judged for…

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Men’s Emotions: Understanding and Respecting Them

men's emotions

While we tend to recognize and honor the fact that the feminine craves a 
safe space for her emotions, we fail to realize that the need for emotional safety expands exponentially 
when it comes to men’s emotions. A man, particularly a masculine man, or anyone running predom­inantly masculine energy, 
needs an extremely safe space in…

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How to connect with your Divine Feminine successfully

how to connect to your divine feminine

When someone begins wondering how to connect with your Divine Feminine successfully, they have touched or sensed a part of themselves – a powerful innate part of themselves – that has likely been hidden, tucked away, untouched and unexpressed. Yet, now this part wants to be released and set free. Before that freeing can occur,…

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What is Femininity? It’s not what you think

divine femininity

Femininity and its partner masculinity too often today create waves of confusion, distrust, judgment, shame, and self-abandonment. Yet these two dynamic and powerful forces act continuously at the very core of our existence. Without the two, we would not survive. We would not thrive and we certainly wouldn’t know sensual and passionate pleasure.  Here we’ll…

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Why do guys distance themselves after intimacy?

question - why do distance themselves after intimacy

Women, particularly women with a primary feminine essence, ask each other, their doctors, their coaches, their therapists, “Why do guys distance themselves after intimacy?” This natural distancing can create real pain in a feminine being. Until. Until she understands that it’s not personal, that it has nothing to do with who she is, what she…

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Masculinity is Not Toxic

masculinity is not toxic

No matter what you’ve heard, no matter how true it might seem, masculinity is not toxic. Using that phrase might feel righteous, it might feel empowering, it might even feel liberating to proclaim and project that masculinity is toxic, but it’s simply not true. The real truth is that using the phrase is toxic. It’s…

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Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energy

balancing masculine and feminine energy scale

Although you may have heard or even been coached that balancing masculine and feminine energy will improve life and love, you’ve probably been led astray. The solution to our chemistry, attraction, and even health woes, is not about balance. We associate balancing with equal, picturing the old two-sided Double Pan Balance scale with both sides…

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What is Masculine and Feminine Energy?

masculine and feminine energy

As someone begins to explore the attraction dynamics of romantic relationships, they’ll often find themselves asking, “What is Masculine and Feminine Energy?” They ask this question because they’ve heard these apparent buzz words floating around in conversations about love, sex, and attraction. Yes, you might hear them more frequently now, and they’re anything but buzz…

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