A Call for Love – The Feminine is the Gateway

The world will be saved by the western woman

In these evolving times, it may feel like it’s getting worse for women.  I may feel like it’s getting worse for men.  I’d say neither is true because it is getting better for all. We’re Cleaning out the Closets of Consciousness Consciousness is evolving.  We’re becoming aware of old habits that no longer serve.  We’re…

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Stop Expecting Women to Be Men – “#MeToo What Now?”


Ouch. This article, “Masculine Dads Raise Confident Daughters”  published on WSJ.com a few days ago, has a few gems… and, in my opinion once again, it sets us up for failure as men and women – and all those in between as we consider #MeToo What now?  No doubt, this is a time for us…

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6 Mistakes Women Make That Drive Men Away!

6 Mistakes Women Make That Drive Men Away

Ladies do you ever wonder why the great men disappear? Ever wondered, why they’re just not so great after a while? Here are six all too common mistakes women make with men that drive the great ones away. 1. You want him to be sensitive, and you don’t want him to be sensitive. It just doesn’t…

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Men and Women Argue Differently

Men and Women Argue Differently

Men, is she upset and you’re clueless about why, and now you’re fighting?  Women, do you ever feel like he just doesn’t get it? Here you’ll find four tips to turn conflict into connection, and the number one best way to end a woman’s upset! Guys, you want to know this…   1) Men and…

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Sex vs. Intimacy – Which comes first?

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Have you ever jumped into bed, in the heat of passion, thinking you can just be intimate later? Have you ever had sex hoping for connection and intimacy?  Is it easier to have sex than talk about it? Too often we can battle over sex and intimacy. Why? Because the masculine and feminine want different things.…

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Is She Too Strong for Love?

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Men, have you ever felt like the woman that you are (or were) with was maybe just a little bit too Type A?  Does it seem easy for her to intimidate men? Does she show up just a little too masculine for your taste? Women, have you ever felt like you might intimidate men? Or,…

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Get Out of the Friend Zone Now

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Are you tired of the friend and roommate zones? Here are three primary reasons that men and women end up in the friend zone… and how to make sure it doesn’t happen to you. First, You neutralize your sexual essence, which means you consciously, or more often unconsciously, turn down your masculine or feminine sexual…

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Who Pursues in Dating & Relating?

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Ever wonder who pursues? Who’s supposed to do what when, in this dance of dating and relating? I get asked all the time. In online dating should I wink? Should I write? Should I give him my number? Should I pay? Should I call? They’re all great questions.   Here’s four simple guidelines on “Who…

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6 Mistakes Men Make that Turn Women Off!

6 Mistakes Men Make that Turn Women Off

Men, are you hot…Or not? Here are six all-too-common mistakes men make that turn women off. 1. You’re too respectful. Don’t give her your card, respectfully ask for hers. And don’t think that ravishing passion is disrespectful, it turns a whole lot of women on. 2. You try to be too sensitive. Yes, be compassionate. Yes, speak…

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Masculine Feminine Test: Are You More Masculine or Feminine?

Masculine Feminine Test

Have you wondered, “Am I more masculine or feminine?” Would you like sparks of attraction from across the room, unforgettable kisses, and passionate sex? And Who doesn’t?  If you DO… then you absolutely must know your sexual essence…because when you do, and you stay aligned with it, sparks fly. When you don’t, passion fizzles. No…

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