Dating Advice for Men: The 10 Qualities She Craves

dating advice for men

When it comes to the best dating advice for men, it all boils down to recognizing what she craves and how to give that to her. However, before we dive into that dating advice we must acknowledge two important things. First, this article assumes that the man seeking dating advice seeks a woman, particularly a…

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What does friend zone mean and how do we end up there?

what does friend zone mean

This all-too-common dating scenario will leave us confused and asking “what does friend zone mean?” You meet someone and start to develop a connection, only to quickly realize that a romantic interest isn’t mutual. Or, you have a platonic relationship with someone and you’re in that awkward cusp between longing for more and knowing they…

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Women’s Emotions: Conscious and Unconscious Expressions

women's emotions

These powerful amazing sexy, sometimes wild, energies we call women’s emotions can actually terrify the best of us. Most honest men will tell you they’re intimidated by them. Too many women will admit they avoid their own emotions, especially strong ones. Some have been told women’s emotions are too much. Women have been judged for…

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Men’s Emotions: Understanding and Respecting Them

men's emotions

While we tend to recognize and honor the fact that the feminine craves a 
safe space for her emotions, we fail to realize that the need for emotional safety expands exponentially 
when it comes to men’s emotions. A man, particularly a masculine man, or anyone running predom­inantly masculine energy, 
needs an extremely safe space in…

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Why do guys distance themselves after intimacy?

question - why do distance themselves after intimacy

Women, particularly women with a primary feminine essence, ask each other, their doctors, their coaches, their therapists, “Why do guys distance themselves after intimacy?” This natural distancing can create real pain in a feminine being. Until. Until she understands that it’s not personal, that it has nothing to do with who she is, what she…

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