Vulnerability in Relationships: How to Cultivate True Intimacy

vulnerability in relationships

Some crave, even chase vulnerability in relationships, while the mere mention of vulnerability will send others running for the hills. Yet, if you or a partner desire intimacy, including physical lovemaking, then you will find yourself well served to recognize that vulnerability isn’t as scary as you might imagine. It might actually surprise you to…

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Why am I Not Good Enough? 3 Lies that Steal Our Worth

why am I not good enough

In a hyperconnected world where the question “Why am I not good enough?” echoes endlessly, the whispers of low self-worth creep into our daily lives. These insidious voices shape our thoughts and actions, fueled by the constant comparisons on social media coupled with the relentless pressure to meet unrealistic standards. Many of us find ourselves…

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A Dating Coach: When to Find One and When Not To

dating coach

When your heart wants to find romantic love, hiring a dating coach can seem like the fastest way to your desired destination. If you want a relationship, you have to be good at dating, right? Well, maybe.  Today’s modern approach to seeking love often drives us to dating apps, speed dating, singles mixers, and the…

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How to Get Over Someone: The Unpopular Answer

how to get over someone

Asking the question, how to get over someone, can serve you well. It means that, even though you may feel pain or grief right now, you actually want to know how to move beyond it. Unfortunately, this question isn’t complete. There’s a critical distinction that isn’t addressed and that distinction makes all the difference to…

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21 Questions for a new relationship:  A Conscious Approach

21 questions for a new relationship

These 21 questions for a new relationship can make all the difference between recognizing the potential for a powerful and lasting conscious relationship, or one that might just cause us unnecessary misery. While a new romantic interest might not serve us long term, that new connection can still feel like one of the most magical…

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