Emotional Literacy and Emotional Consciousness: What are They and How to Have Them

Emotional Literacy and Emotional Consciousness

Emotional Consciousness: the way we relate to, embrace, and express our emotions combined with how we relate to, embrace, and allow the emotions expressed by others.  Our level of Emotional literacy determines the quality of our life experience. Life, in its truest expression, is an unending dance of emotions, moment-by-moment-by-moment. We know what we’re experiencing…

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Flirting into Love: Know the Flirting Signals

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Flirting is really a mating ritual, and so much of it is unconscious, but it’s so obvious, if we’re watching. Curious?  How do we read the flirting signals?  How do we know if someone is interested? Let’s explore some of the interest signs and flirting signals that men and women show to indicate their romantic…

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Unwrap This: 10 Reasons Your Soulmate Can’t See You

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If you’re in a relationship, are you wishing to be seen more fully and connect more deeply? If you are single, are you hoping Santa will deliver your soulmate this year? Without a doubt, experiencing that spark of connection and passion would put a smile on just about anyone’s face right now… Snuggling by a…

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Want vs. Desire – Manifest Your Soulmate

Manifest your Soulmate

Do you want to know the secret to manifesting your desires, to manifesting your ideal relationship with your soulmate? Let’s explore 3 Critical Success Factors for anyone – man, woman, single or partnered – who wants to manifest your soulmate enjoy a soulmate soul-love relationship.   1) Clear out the Blocks If you’re like so many of…

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Conscious Breakups: Moving on without the Baggage

Conscious Breakups Moving on without the Baggage

Here’s the thing, relationships breakup.  Not every person that you date or get in a relationship with is going to be Mr. or Mrs. Right.   Would you like to know how to have a conscious breakup and end a relationship without hard feelings and baggage? Here are five key steps to a conscious breakup: 1.  Be compassionately real. You don’t have to…

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Self-Love? How to “Do” Self-Love the Easy Way

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Does the thought of self-love frustrate you, confuse you, even piss you off? It was the bane of my existence for so many years. There was a guy in college who literally said I am not going to date you because you don’t love yourself.  And then five years later, I find myself divorced from a different…

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Imagine the Ecstasy: 4 Steps to Soulful Love

Imagine the Ecstasy

When you truly access your soul and its capacity for loving and being loved, everything changes. Soulful love changes from a dream into reality. Your soul is your guide. It’s your confidant, your inspiration, and your protection. And, way too many men and woman, singles and couples, aren’t actually connected to their soul’s expression. Here’s…

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Am I Ready for a Soul Love Relationship?

Am I Ready for a Soul Love Relationship

Whether you’re in a relationship or seeking one…  Ask yourself…. “Are you really ready for true love and deep intimacy? Are you ready for a relationship where you meet heart-to-heart, body-to-body and soul-to-soul?” If you really want to meet, date, and eventually marry your soul mate… If you want to build a deep, intimate, passionate…

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Masculine Feminine Test: Are You More Masculine or Feminine?

Masculine Feminine Test

Have you wondered, “Am I more masculine or feminine?” Would you like sparks of attraction from across the room, unforgettable kisses, and passionate sex? And Who doesn’t?  If you DO… then you absolutely must know your sexual essence…because when you do, and you stay aligned with it, sparks fly. When you don’t, passion fizzles. No…

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Turn up Your Attraction Factor: How to Turn Heads with Confidence

Turn up Your Attraction Factor

Want to know how to create chemistry, attraction and passion? Before I give you the 3 points, let me explain how this works. You have to understand the dynamics of masculine and feminine polarity. Masculine and feminine are energies, they’re like magnets. When you bring the positive side and the negative side of a magnet…

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