Will I Ever Find Love?

will I ever find love

Will I ever find love? Asking that question reveals both a longing for, and a doubt of, the possibilities for romantic love. While the answer you may desire is “yes,” the truer answer is, “it depends.” The “it depends” answer can quickly turn to a yes, if you know where to look. Yet, that does…

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A Definitive Guide to Conscious Dating

Conscious Dating

Conscious dating prevents heartbreak and resolves most of the biggest challenges that show up in dating relationships. Too many men and women alike have big dreams and desires when it comes to love, yet approach dating with either a laissez-faire come-what-may attitude, or they try so hard to be “the one” that they settle for…

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Emotional Intimacy: 22 Quick Hints for Creating Emotional Intimacy

Opening to intimacy

Although many people get uncomfortable at the thought of emotional intimacy, most of those same people might be completely surprised to realize they crave the very thing they fear. Even more shocking, they have had fights in their intimate relationships because of a lack of emotional intimacy. They just weren’t using those words.  What is…

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Dating after Divorce: The Bottom Line

Dating after Divorce

Dating after divorce can be extraordinary or miserable depending on how you approach it. When it comes to romantic relationships, divorce is one of the most painful things we can go through. And, too many people rush the process. That in turn leads to more heartache – break ups, or even divorce, again.  Understanding and…

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Why do Relationships Fail: The 8 Primary Relationship Failure Patterns

why do relationships fail in a wilted flower

If you’re asking the question, “Why do relationships fail?” you’re likely experiencing one of two things. Either you’re recovering from a breakup or divorce, or you’re likely considering one or the other. Conscious partnerships thrive because they know the best ways to keep the love strong and the passion alive. Most importantly, conscious soul mates…

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Emotional Literacy and Emotional Consciousness: What are They and How to Have Them

Emotional Literacy and Emotional Consciousness

Emotional Consciousness: the way we relate to, embrace, and express our emotions combined with how we relate to, embrace, and allow the emotions expressed by others.  Our level of Emotional literacy determines the quality of our life experience. Life, in its truest expression, is an unending dance of emotions, moment-by-moment-by-moment. We know what we’re experiencing…

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Flirting into Love: Know the Flirting Signals

AdobeStock 9005722 1

Flirting is really a mating ritual, and so much of it is unconscious, but it’s so obvious, if we’re watching. Curious?  How do we read the flirting signals?  How do we know if someone is interested? Let’s explore some of the interest signs and flirting signals that men and women show to indicate their romantic…

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