The Insidious Ways Self Abandonment Harms Relationships

Self Abandonment Harms Relationships

If you’re like most people, you’ve rarely if ever heard the term self abandonment. Yet relating to yourself and relating to your relationships in this way can cause untold – yet unnecessary – heartache.  The ways that self abandonment harms relationships, while insidious and truly destructive, have only recently been given credit for the havoc…

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Why am I Still Single? The ONE Reason

why am I still single

If you’re asking why am I still single despite trying, I have good news. Getting over being single, when you don’t want to be, only requires that you address one issue. Many will give you a whole list of potential reasons you’re single or they’ll point to things you should “fix” in your life. But…

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Can I be perfect? Not if you want love…

Can I be perfect 1

I’ll answer the question, “Can I be perfect?” right up front. It is impossible to be perfect.  You can’t be perfect.  Your mom can’t be perfect.  Your kid can’t be perfect. Your husband, wife, lover can’t be perfect.  Your dog can’t be perfect.   The weather can’t be perfect. Perfect is impossible.  Let me say that…

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Are You Being Seen or Are you Hiding?

alex iby 297804 unsplash

Are you hiding or are you being seen when it comes to dating and relationships?  Or in life, for that matter? Let’s focus on romantic interactions for now… but you’ll see how the same practice applies to all relationships.  Then later I’ll share with you how you take one big leap into being seen.  …

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Self-Love? How to “Do” Self-Love the Easy Way

AdobeStock 127330187

Does the thought of self-love frustrate you, confuse you, even piss you off? It was the bane of my existence for so many years. There was a guy in college who literally said I am not going to date you because you don’t love yourself.  And then five years later, I find myself divorced from a different…

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Priceless Love

The brilliance of you… There is nothing more valuable than you.  Now that might sound self-centered and arrogant and I invite you to hear me out. Yes… interaction with others can ignite the feeling of deep love and without YOU that love can’t be felt or experienced.  Here’s where it gets worse… some of us…

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The Gift of You

You… unadorned… unfiltered… uninhibited… simple…genuine…true… this is what we want.  This genuine and authentic you is the most attractive, sexy, generous thing you could bring to the world.  This is what makes you most attractive to the opposite sex. Sure, we love it when a partner or date dresses up and does something special… has…

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Authenticity or Perfection: What do You Choose?

Authenticity or Perfection What do You Choose

Which do you choose? Authenticity or Perfection? You can’t have both and trying to choose both is a path fraught with depression, failure, and unhappiness. Need I say more?   Let’s look at both paths… Authenticity or Perfection   One path drives you, first, to continuously scan for this moment’s definition of perfect… On top of…

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