Self-Love Expanding

Have you ever wondered what self-love really means?  I have… many many times… more time than I can count, and yet as each week, maybe even each day, goes by… I know it more and more.  I was inspired today to consider that question again, and I want to give you… I even want to…

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Are you Taking Care of You?

Are you Taking Care of You

Let’s look at a fundamental part of conscious relating that has nothing directly to do with another person, yet has everything to do with the quality of our connection.  It has everything to do with how we relate to ourselves.  In order to consciously relate to another, we must first relate consciously to ourselves.  In…

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Living from the Heart

How would it feel if you were truly living from your heart each moment of every day? Pause for a moment and imagine yourself setting aside your to-do list, your responsibilities, and even, any decisions from the past that make you feel stuck or trapped in life. Imagine now what it would feel like to…

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Let’s continue our look at Conscious Relating… last week I described Conscious Relating as having four main characteristics: self-awareness, other-awareness (in other words, seeing and listening), taking responsibility, and authentic communication.  Let’s dive into the foundation of conscious relating:  Self-Awareness.  If we want to consciously relate with another, first we have to know ourselves –…

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Creating Passion

Are you craving more passion in your life?    Ask yourself… In your personal life… What lights you up?  In your romantic life… What turns you on?  In your professional life… Why are you here? We’re going to explore romantic passion today and first… check in with yourself. Do know the answers to these questions?  If…

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Imperfection and self love

Do you resist or even hate… Making mistakes? Acknowledging that we didn’t reach a goal? Admitting we were wrong? Saying we’d do something and not delivering? Knowing we didn’t do our best job? Admitting our responsibility in a conflict? I know I’ve done these things.  Have you done every one of these “detested” things at…

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