How to Make Sex Better: 3 Keys for Men and Women

how to make sex better

Those who know how to make sex better and better and better for themselves, and their partner, know that their mastery as a lover and beloved has much more to do with what happens outside the bedroom than what happens inside. You might have arrived here looking for the next best sex techniques, yet even…

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How Long Is Too Long Without Sex In a Relationship?

how long is too long without sex in a relationship

How long is too long without sex in a relationship? Fortunately and unfortunately, there is no exact or right answer to this question. For most, if you’re here seeking an answer, you likely know some level of confusion, frustration, hurt, or even lowered self confidence in your intimate relationship.  That’s the bad news.  The good…

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Passionate Lovemaking: What is it and How to have More

passionate lovemaking

Truly passionate lovemaking happens in deep relationships. However, to be clear, deep relationships don’t just occur between those who have been together a long time. Deep relationships evolve between those that have the capacity and willingness to open not just their hearts, but their whole being to love and loving. Too many people make the…

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Tantric Sexuality: How it Helps and Hurts Relationships

Tantric sexuality

Tantric sexuality awakens entirely new realms of love, intimacy and lovemaking. Yet, the idea of this powerful and deep form of physical intimacy couldn’t be more often misinterpreted. Because of that misunderstanding, and the misguided approaches that accompany it, too many individuals and couples fail to experience the benefits they could. Why? They don’t get…

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Spiritual Sexuality

spiritual sexuality

Spiritual sexuality takes both partners on a journey into ecstasy. Yes, ecstasy of body, but truly and more importantly, ecstasy of heart, ecstasy of soul, ecstasy of spirit, which makes the ecstasy of body all that much better. In spiritual sexuality, you create the space and opportunity to know yourself and the nature of life…

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Spiritual Intimacy

spiritual intimacy

Spiritual intimacy happens when two people share a connection beyond the realm of the physical body. This type of connection happens beyond the heart and the mind often rendering you unable to accurately describe the experience. It can be breathtaking, wordless and awe-inspiring. Spiritual intimacy often occurs when two people recognize and live in alignment…

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The Most Common Physical Intimacy Issues and How to Overcome Them

physical intimacy issues

No matter how compatible the partners, any long-standing, soulful, romantic relationship will face physical intimacy issues during the relationship. Period. Full stop. It’s not uncommon to start facing them in the early weeks of dating, sometimes even the first time we make love, or the first time we intimately touch.  As the relationship progresses over…

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Physical Intimacy in a Relationship Matters

physical intimacy in a relationship

How important is physical intimacy in a relationship? Very. Physical intimacy in all its forms plays an essential role in lasting relationships where both partners truly feel happy together. Many partnerships do survive years, sometimes decades without physical intimacy, yet almost never, would either partner say they felt joy, satisfaction or real peace in that…

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