12 Ancient Secrets of Tantric Energy Exchange

tantric energy exchange

Tantric energy exchange is often misunderstood, in a limited perspective, of the true potential of Tantra.  Tantra, originally a set of Eastern spiritual practices, became synonymous with sex as it was brought into our western culture. The adaptation isn’t surprising given the long-standing repression of sexuality in America where, for many, sex has become a…

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What is the Difference Between Making Love and Having Sex?

difference between making love and having sex

While being the most extraordinary experience we can have as human beings, the act of making love vs. having sex, doesn’t get enough attention or distinction. True love making, when you’re genuinely making love with another, is an experience of union. Having sex, in general, can create pleasureful moments, but it won’t unite the partners.…

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Sexual Ecstasy: The Pathway to the Infinite

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Ancient spiritual masters knew sex to be one of the Tantric pathways to the divine, to the infinite, to God. Uniting body-to-body, extending orgasms, and even experiencing the “Oh God’s” of our greatest pleasure can bring our human bodies into a literal state of union with another human and with the divine itself.  I often…

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To Have Sex or Not: When Should We Have Sex?

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When dating someone new, many of us wonder, “When should we have sex?” Others just “go for it” in the heat of the moment. I suggest giving the question some really conscious attention. You’ll thank yourself, and each other, for it later.   After asking “When should we have sex?” … As soon as that first…

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Up Against the Wall: Kissing Secrets

Up Against the Wall Kissing Secrets

Ever have a great date, but a lousy kiss?  If you’ve wanted a little more spice and a little more spark in your ecstatic kissing, don’t worry.  Even if you’re not a great kisser by design, it IS a skill you can learn! Here’s the truth, the quality and frequency of kissing can have a huge…

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To Kiss or Not to Kiss: That is the Question

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Have you ever wondered, “To kiss or not to kiss?” and how passionately to kiss? We’re going to talk about three keys to kissing with confidence. You cannot think your way through a kiss. You have to be present and feel the energy to have it be good.  Here’s the deal…     1)  The masculine initiates…

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Sex vs. Intimacy – Which comes first?

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Have you ever jumped into bed, in the heat of passion, thinking you can just be intimate later? Have you ever had sex hoping for connection and intimacy?  Is it easier to have sex than talk about it? Too often we can battle over sex and intimacy. Why? Because the masculine and feminine want different things.…

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Get Out of the Friend Zone Now

friend zone

Ending up in the friend zone can leave us wondering so many things about ourselves, none of them typically positive. Not only are we dealing with a potential blow to our self-esteem from rejection, we also have to face the feelings of loss that may arise because we don’t get to spend more intimate time…

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What is Sacred?

EI SM timeline pics 4 sm

It is with honor that you treat someone or something sacred to you… something that is precious, unique… divine… even priceless. That is you. That is every single person. Every single thing. And, now more than ever, it’s a time to celebrate and honor the sacred beings that we are. All of us. No matter the color, the race, the…

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7 Sensuality Secrets

7 Sensuality Secrets

Want to skyrocket pleasure?  It’s all about sensuality! For the skeptics out there who might think sensuality is a bit fru-fru or too girly… Let me just say… “You are missing out!”  If only I’d discovered sensuality in my 20’s instead of my 40’s!  Oh the immense pleasure I missed out on.  Oh the abandoned, even avoided, moments of…

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