How to Sincerely Apologize: Saying “I’m Sorry” from the Heart

how to sincerely apologize

Knowing how to sincerely apologize can make all the difference between a relationship that lasts a lifetime and one where the love or friendship fades, leaving both people wondering, “What happened?” Those who know how to sincerely apologize build the strongest and most sustainable relationships.  Let’s face it, every relationship, romantic or otherwise, will have…

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Self Forgiveness: Why it Matters and How to Do It Consciously

self forgiveness

Our capacity for self forgiveness determines our long term capacity for love. You might imagine that in relationships forgiving others reigns supreme over forgiving ourselves, but relationships require both in order to sustain loving connection over the long term You’ll know you have a need for self forgiveness if you regularly experience self judgment and…

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Self Confidence in Relationships: How to Consciously Build It

self confidence in relationships

Having self confidence in relationships – romantic and platonic – calls on us to know our worth and feel comfortable setting and honoring boundaries. Self-confidence, and its close companion self trust, play important roles in how we interact with the world around us, with our partners and loved ones, and especially with ourselves.  When we…

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Women’s Emotions: Conscious and Unconscious Expressions

women's emotions

These powerful amazing sexy, sometimes wild, energies we call women’s emotions can actually terrify the best of us. Most honest men will tell you they’re intimidated by them. Too many women will admit they avoid their own emotions, especially strong ones. Some have been told women’s emotions are too much. Women have been judged for…

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Men’s Emotions: Understanding and Respecting Them

men's emotions

While we tend to recognize and honor the fact that the feminine craves a 
safe space for her emotions, we fail to realize that the need for emotional safety expands exponentially 
when it comes to men’s emotions. A man, particularly a masculine man, or anyone running predom­inantly masculine energy, 
needs an extremely safe space in…

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What is a Soulmate?

what is a soulmate

When we are moved by our deepest heart to seek for love, we can’t help but ask the question: what is a soulmate? Souls destined to meet in love bring very special gifts to each other and serve a profound purpose. Soulmates, and the soul love that accompanies their connection, awaken something powerful within us.…

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