Women’s Emotions: Conscious and Unconscious Expressions

women's emotions

These powerful amazing sexy, sometimes wild, energies we call women’s emotions can actually terrify the best of us. Most honest men will tell you they’re intimidated by them. Too many women will admit they avoid their own emotions, especially strong ones. Some have been told women’s emotions are too much. Women have been judged for…

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Men’s Emotions: Understanding and Respecting Them

men's emotions

While we tend to recognize and honor the fact that the feminine craves a 
safe space for her emotions, we fail to realize that the need for emotional safety expands exponentially 
when it comes to men’s emotions. A man, particularly a masculine man, or anyone running predom­inantly masculine energy, 
needs an extremely safe space in…

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What is a Soulmate?

what is a soulmate

When we are moved by our deepest heart to seek for love, we can’t help but ask the question: what is a soulmate? Souls destined to meet in love bring very special gifts to each other and serve a profound purpose. Soulmates, and the soul love that accompanies their connection, awaken something powerful within us.…

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Fear of Intimacy: How to Recognize It and Overcome It

fear of intimacy

Fear of intimacy limits our ability to deeply connect, to feel genuine closeness, to experience real love, and to allow our bodies the pleasures of physical loving. A sustained fear of intimacy means that, usually unconsciously, we will push away those who do, or would, truly care about us. With this fear, we erect barriers…

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When Does Dating Turn into a Relationship?

when does dating turn into a relationship

When we ask the question “When does dating turn into a relationship,” some part of us likely either feels we are ready for that important next step and wonders if the one we are dating feels that way too. Or, we might be concerned that the other person has made assumptions about our relationship status…

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Dating vs Relationship: How to Know the Difference

dating vs relationship

Dating vs relationship. Is it a comparison of, or a battle between, the two? Depending on our mindset, it might be both, if even unconsciously.  Most often our exploration between the two arises because we don’t quite understand the “status” of an experience unfolding between us and a romantic interest. Sometimes we ask “Is this…

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