Stages of a Relationship: How to Grow a Deeply Loving Partnership

stages of a relationship

Consciously understanding, and intentionally navigating, the stages of a relationship sets the foundation for a lasting love that withstands the inherent difficulties of committed romantic partnership and marriage. While marriage can be one of the stages of a relationship, let’s acknowledge from the start that it is not a required stage. Whether we include marriage…

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Vulnerability in Relationships: How to Cultivate True Intimacy

vulnerability in relationships

Some crave, even chase vulnerability in relationships, while the mere mention of vulnerability will send others running for the hills. Yet, if you or a partner desire intimacy, including physical lovemaking, then you will find yourself well served to recognize that vulnerability isn’t as scary as you might imagine. It might actually surprise you to…

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When Love is Not Enough: 12 Often Overlooked Indicators

when is love not enough

For our inner peace and happiness, we must learn to recognize and admit when love is not enough, no matter how much we might feel connected to someone. We can love someone and have very different approaches to life. We can love someone and have very different long term visions. Loving someone does not guarantee…

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A Dating Coach: When to Find One and When Not To

dating coach

When your heart wants to find romantic love, hiring a dating coach can seem like the fastest way to your desired destination. If you want a relationship, you have to be good at dating, right? Well, maybe.  Today’s modern approach to seeking love often drives us to dating apps, speed dating, singles mixers, and the…

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What is the Meaning of Love in a Relationship?

What is the meaning of love in a relationship

Asking the question “what is the meaning of love in a relationship” invites us onto a powerful journey into the realms of something both exquisite and confounding. As you know, our human experience of love, romantic or otherwise, brings both bliss and misery. Yet how can our deepened understanding of the meaning of love in…

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