Fear of Intimacy: How to Recognize It and Overcome It

fear of intimacy

Fear of intimacy limits our ability to deeply connect, to feel genuine closeness, to experience real love, and to allow our bodies the pleasures of physical loving. A sustained fear of intimacy means that, usually unconsciously, we will push away those who do, or would, truly care about us. With this fear, we erect barriers…

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When Does Dating Turn into a Relationship?

when does dating turn into a relationship

When we ask the question “When does dating turn into a relationship,” some part of us likely either feels we are ready for that important next step and wonders if the one we are dating feels that way too. Or, we might be concerned that the other person has made assumptions about our relationship status…

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Dating vs Relationship: How to Know the Difference

dating vs relationship

Dating vs relationship. Is it a comparison of, or a battle between, the two? Depending on our mindset, it might be both, if even unconsciously.  Most often our exploration between the two arises because we don’t quite understand the “status” of an experience unfolding between us and a romantic interest. Sometimes we ask “Is this…

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Emotional Intimacy: 22 Quick Hints for Creating Emotional Intimacy

Opening to intimacy

Although many people get uncomfortable at the thought of emotional intimacy, most of those same people might be completely surprised to realize they crave the very thing they fear. Even more shocking, they have had fights in their intimate relationships because of a lack of emotional intimacy. They just weren’t using those words.  What is…

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Dating after Divorce: The Bottom Line

Dating after Divorce

Dating after divorce can be extraordinary or miserable depending on how you approach it. When it comes to romantic relationships, divorce is one of the most painful things we can go through. And, too many people rush the process. That in turn leads to more heartache – break ups, or even divorce, again.  Understanding and…

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Authentic Intimacy

authentic intimacy

Satisfying relationships live and breathe authentic intimacy. Couples who truly understand the meaning of intimacy and who practice it throughout their relationship, day in and day out, experience real happiness, profound love. And, let me remind you that intimacy, authentic intimacy, does include sexual and physical intimacy, however intimacy and sex are not synonymous. Those…

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Intimacy Issues: 51 Common Signs of Intimacy Issues

intimacy issues

Intimacy issues take on many forms and show up in many different ways in our daily lives. While we often associate intimacy with romantic relationships as you’ll see below, your relationship with intimacy itself plays out in practically every area of your life.  It’s important also to make note of the fact that when many…

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What Happens When You Meet Your Soulmate?

What happens when you meet your soulmate?

To answer the question, “What happens when you meet your soulmate?” we, of course, cannot ignore the metaphor that “sparks fly.” It rings true. It is true. And, it only tells part of the story. Sometimes disappointment and confusion arise, maybe even rejection. Those unexpected experiences are also normal. What we’ve been conditioned to expect…

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34 Significant Indicators of Conscious Relationship

Conscious Relationship

Conscious Relationship happens when two people choose to commit themselves to Love. Yes, they may commit themselves to a relationship, but more importantly they commit themselves to Love itself. When the focus rests on Love, then the relating can be nothing other than considerate. It becomes intentional, kind, compassionate, expansive and growth-filled, even between two…

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