34 Significant Indicators of Conscious Relationship

Conscious Relationship

Conscious Relationship happens when two people choose to commit themselves to Love. Yes, they may commit themselves to a relationship, but more importantly they commit themselves to Love itself. When the focus rests on Love, then the relating can be nothing other than considerate. It becomes intentional, kind, compassionate, expansive and growth-filled, even between two…

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Flirting into Love: Know the Flirting Signals

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Flirting is really a mating ritual, and so much of it is unconscious, but it’s so obvious, if we’re watching. Curious?  How do we read the flirting signals?  How do we know if someone is interested? Let’s explore some of the interest signs and flirting signals that men and women show to indicate their romantic…

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How to Genuinely Praise Someone (aka I appreciate you.)

I Appreciate You

Praise transforms. Although too often unrecognized, praise has a profoundly positive impact. Praise inspires greatness. It uplifts and encourages. In our families, our schools, our neighborhoods, our teams, our workplaces, and our community, because praise makes a person feel noticed, seen, and yes, loved.  You can appreciate someone and praise has more depth, more power.   “Praise is one of the strongest…

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