What is True Love? 3 Things It Is & 9 Things It Is Not

what is true love

What is true love? Humans have sought for centuries, if not millennia, to accurately understand and document this indescribable phenomena called love. We want to understand it so we can master it, and capture it. Yet, we can ever accurately describe an energy or an experience. And, love is both of those, an energy and…

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The Meaning of Love: The Great Misunderstanding

the meaning of love

When we contemplate the meaning of love, if we do this genuinely, we will find ourselves in uncommon and indescribable realms. We will find a sense of peace and fulfillment not otherwise available. The meaning of love is the meaning of life and every moment invites us to know it deeper. Yet, to accept this…

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What is the Meaning of Love in a Relationship?

What is the meaning of love in a relationship

Asking the question “what is the meaning of love in a relationship” invites us onto a powerful journey into the realms of something both exquisite and confounding. As you know, our human experience of love, romantic or otherwise, brings both bliss and misery. Yet how can our deepened understanding of the meaning of love in…

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Male archetypes: Which ones are for me?

male archetypes

Male archetypes, while not personality identifications nor specific qualities, do represent consistent patterns of presentation and behavior in men. With that, for our purposes here we’ll explore male archetypes and masculine archetypes together. Masculine archetypes demonstrate common expressions of those who embody masculine energy. Everyone, regardless of gender or orientation, embodies masculine energy at some…

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Love is Such a Powerful Force

love is such a powerful force

Love is such a powerful force that we will fight for it. We will die for it. Even the strongest of us will cry over it. Love holds such power over us that we will chase it and, often simultaneously, put up walls of protection against it. We can crave it and feel so terrified…

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21 Questions for a new relationship:  A Conscious Approach

21 questions for a new relationship

These 21 questions for a new relationship can make all the difference between recognizing the potential for a powerful and lasting conscious relationship, or one that might just cause us unnecessary misery. While a new romantic interest might not serve us long term, that new connection can still feel like one of the most magical…

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Relationships Are Hard Until You Learn This

relationships are hard

Relationships are hard. That’s a story that many people not only tell themselves regularly, but wholeheartedly believe in the core of their being. With that being said, maybe you’ve heard this insight before, maybe not. The truth is that we experience what we believe. We manifest the stories we tell ourselves. So if you tell…

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