A Definitive Guide to Conscious Dating

Conscious Dating

Conscious dating prevents heartbreak and resolves most of the biggest challenges that show up in dating relationships. Too many men and women alike have big dreams and desires when it comes to love, yet approach dating with either a laissez-faire come-what-may attitude, or they try so hard to be “the one” that they settle for…

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Emotional Intimacy: 22 Quick Hints for Creating Emotional Intimacy

Opening to intimacy

Although many people get uncomfortable at the thought of emotional intimacy, most of those same people might be completely surprised to realize they crave the very thing they fear. Even more shocking, they have had fights in their intimate relationships because of a lack of emotional intimacy. They just weren’t using those words.  What is…

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Spiritual Sexuality

spiritual sexuality

Spiritual sexuality takes both partners on a journey into ecstasy. Yes, ecstasy of body, but truly and more importantly, ecstasy of heart, ecstasy of soul, ecstasy of spirit, which makes the ecstasy of body all that much better. In spiritual sexuality, you create the space and opportunity to know yourself and the nature of life…

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Spiritual Intimacy

spiritual intimacy

Spiritual intimacy happens when two people share a connection beyond the realm of the physical body. This type of connection happens beyond the heart and the mind often rendering you unable to accurately describe the experience. It can be breathtaking, wordless and awe-inspiring. Spiritual intimacy often occurs when two people recognize and live in alignment…

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Authentic Intimacy

authentic intimacy

Satisfying relationships live and breathe authentic intimacy. Couples who truly understand the meaning of intimacy and who practice it throughout their relationship, day in and day out, experience real happiness, profound love. And, let me remind you that intimacy, authentic intimacy, does include sexual and physical intimacy, however intimacy and sex are not synonymous. Those…

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What Happens When You Meet Your Soulmate?

What happens when you meet your soulmate?

To answer the question, “What happens when you meet your soulmate?” we, of course, cannot ignore the metaphor that “sparks fly.” It rings true. It is true. And, it only tells part of the story. Sometimes disappointment and confusion arise, maybe even rejection. Those unexpected experiences are also normal. What we’ve been conditioned to expect…

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A Call for Love – The Feminine is the Gateway

The world will be saved by the western woman

In these evolving times, it may feel like it’s getting worse for women.  I may feel like it’s getting worse for men.  I’d say neither is true because it is getting better for all. We’re Cleaning out the Closets of Consciousness Consciousness is evolving.  We’re becoming aware of old habits that no longer serve.  We’re…

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