When Love is Not Enough: 12 Often Overlooked Indicators

when is love not enough

For our inner peace and happiness, we must learn to recognize and admit when love is not enough, no matter how much we might feel connected to someone. We can love someone and have very different approaches to life. We can love someone and have very different long term visions. Loving someone does not guarantee…

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Self Confidence in Relationships: How to Consciously Build It

self confidence in relationships

Having self confidence in relationships – romantic and platonic – calls on us to know our worth and feel comfortable setting and honoring boundaries. Self confidence, and its close companion self trust, play important roles in how we interact with the world around us, with our partners and loved ones, and especially with ourselves.  When…

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Fear of Intimacy: How to Recognize It and Overcome It

fear of intimacy

Fear of intimacy limits our ability to deeply connect, to feel genuine closeness, to experience real love, and to allow our bodies the pleasures of physical loving. A sustained fear of intimacy means that, usually unconsciously, we will push away those who do, or would, truly care about us. With this fear, we erect barriers…

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The Power of Forgiveness in a Relationship

power of forgiveness

When you understand the inherent power of forgiveness in a relationship everything changes. Period. End of story.  Unfortunately forgiveness eludes many couples. They don’t realize the impact a single unresolved hurt or upset can have on a relationship over time. Undealt with painful emotions in a relationship will carve chasms between two people who were…

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