Join the Masters of Love and Intimacy for the 6th annual

Conscious Love Library™ Giveaway

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The annual Love Library is open May 20th thru June 7th, 2021

Access the Entire Digital Library of the best dating, relating and mating resources from the most trusted Love and Intimacy experts in the world.  

And, the best part is… it's our gift(s) to you.

As you know, Conscious Love is not magical thinking and romance

Disappointment in love and intimacy is inevitable… and yet profound love is truly right in front of you.

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What is the Conscious Love Library Giveaway?

Two weeks focused on helping you discover ways to strengthen all of your relationships... While you build your own personal digital library of the best dating, mating and relating wisdom available.

Every resource in the library is designed to be powerful and transformative. You’ll spend time with the most trusted love, intimacy and sexuality experts of the modern age.

Free Library Passes are complements of Ecstatic Intimacy


Learn from the best of the best, what it takes to attract and enjoy conscious intimacy from the first date to the 50th year and beyond.


Select from 36 different resources to explore healthy love.



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Live interactive Conscious Love workshop: Paving the Way to Soul Love with Ecstatic Intimacy Founder


All experiences available from the comfort of your own home…

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The Conscious Love Library shows you the Path of Soul Love...

relationships with authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy.

We asked our contributors for their thoughts on conscious relationships - conscious dating, conscious sex, conscious intimacy, conscious love. This is what they said:

"An unconscious relationship is a battle of egos partnered in fear, as neither dares face their own wounds and projections, but instead blames the other for their dissatisfactions."

Bryan Reeves

Relationship Insight Ninja

"My husband once said to me 'in basic arithmetic, one plus one equals two. In soulmate love one plus one equals eleven...'"

Arielle Ford

Author of the bestselling book, THE SOULMATE SECRET: Manifest The Love of Your Life With The Law of Attraction.
"Self-knowledge leads to intimacy with is this that is the foundation of a great relationship".

Candice Oneida

Feminine Power and Energy Mentor
"When we consciously choose to love, and lean in to generate heart-centered, loving, kind relationships with each other, we become an open portal for the love of the entire Universe to pour through us. We stop putting a sieve on Life’s efforts to bless the world — and instead become the vehicle for that blessing to happen through us, as us."

Katherine Woodward Thomas

NY Times Bestselling Author of Calling in "The One" and Conscious Uncoupling

Meet the Masters of Love and Intimacy

(with a sneak peek at what you'll find in the Library)

Katherine Woodward Thomas headshot

Katherine Woodward Thomas

New York Times Best-Selling Author, Psychotherapist
Calling in the "One" Starter Kit: A 50-minute audio seminar featuring 49 Days to Attract the Love of Your Life!
Arielle Ford bio photo

Arielle Ford

Celebrated Love and Relationship Expert
Online Dating Guide: Manifesting a soulmate requires a winning game plan... In my free online dating guide, you will discover how!
Johnny and Lara Fernandez headshot 1

Johnny & Lara Fernandez

True Love Coaches and Mentors
Gift: The 5 Vital Shifts to Restore Your Feminine Radiance, Boost Your Confidence With Men, Attract Your Mr. Right and Finally Have It All
Carol Allen headshot

Carol Allen

Vedic Astrologer and Relationship Coach
(1) The Astrological Archetypes of Relationships & Shazam, (2) Ancient Spiritual Tips and Tricks to Ramp Up Your Love Life
Michaela Boehm Headshot

Michaela Boehm

Intimacy & Sexuality Expert
The Wild Woman's Way Foundational Practice: A guided session to help and support you in "Moving What You're Feeling."
Karen Brody headshot

Karen Brody

Man Coach
Break Her Open: How to Unlock a Woman's Deepest Feelings & Passion: Awaken the hidden potential and power in men – to lead in love and in life.
Barb Wade CORRECT headshot 11 2020

Barb Wade

Transformational Coach, Author, Speaker
"Self-Love For Achievement Junkies" A Guidebook: Pull Self-Love to the forefront – to not only achieve peace, but actually create more of what you want, too!
Adrien Blackwell hi rez 1

Adrien Blackwell

Celebrity Healer
Love is Your Birthright Meditation: Experience a meditation & healing that will help you embody and experience the belief that real love is a birthright!
Sheri Winston headshot

Sheri Winston

CNM, RN, BSN, LMT & Wholistic Sexuality Teacher
Hergasmic Abundance: In this fun, roughly one-hour class, women and their lovers will learn how to ramp up their arousal.
Amy Jo Goddard


Sexual Empowerment Speaker, Author and Educator
21 Days to Pleasure and Intimacy Challenge: Useful tools to experience pleasure every single day -- delivered right to your inbox!
Bryan Reeves 2000x1500 4

Bryan Reeves

Relationship Insight Ninja (Coach)
Discover 3 Essential Boundaries That Make or Break Relationship: Set boundaries to lessen conflict, communicate better, maintain respect, and increase connection.
LeeBaucomWebsite 300

Lee H. Baucom, Ph.D.

Relationship Expert and Coach
Marriage Fail Point: Why Marriages Fail And What To Do About It: Revealing the REAL reason why marriages break down and fall apart.
Candice Onieda bio pic

Candice Oneida

Feminine Power and Energy Mentor
Queen Quickies 8 Video Series: 8 quick ways to get you into your feminine!
Marguerite Rigoglioso headshot

Marguerite Mary Rigoglioso, Ph.D.

Director of Seven Sisters Mystery School
Empowering Free Audios: These powerful and juicy audios will support you in making your transition to higher dimensional consciousness.
Destin Gerek April 2021 16

Destin Gerek

Founder & CEO, The Evolved Masculine
The Evolved Masculine Blueprint: Live your life more from your passion and inspiration rather than duty and obligation.
David Steele 600x600 1

David Steele

MA, LMFT, CPC & Founder Relationship Coaching Institute
Radical Marriage Book Chapters: Your Relationship as Your Greatest Adventure... a willingness to take risks, overcome resistance and experience a bit of fear...
Kimmy Seltzer headshot

Kimmy Seltzer

Confidence, Dating, and Image Expert
Sexy Body Shape Guide: Avoid wardrobe frustration and malfunction by knowing your body and what looks good on it!
Leah Piper bio image

Leah Piper

Certified Tantra Educator, Positivity Coach/Consultant
Intro to Amrita | Her Sacred Water: Watch Leah's introduction to Amrita, and discover one of the many reasons women are the 8th Wonder of the World!
MIchelle Marchant Johnson headshot

Michelle Marchant Johnson

Relationship Coach (for single women over 40)
10 Secrets Every Woman Needs To Know (About Men): Discover how men fall in love (and what the commitment process is like for them)
Nunaisi Ma headshot 600x600 1

Nunaisa Ma

Author and Therapist
How to Love Yourself (ebook): Experience the "how-to" roadmap to rise in self-love. Plus... seven spiritual keys for transformation.
Ronda Renee headshot

Ronda Renée

Founder of Divine Navigation®, Creator of the Divine Coordinates® Process
What your Soul is Seeking - Your Ideal Relationship through the Eyes of your Soul: Discover the unconscious drivers of your Soul when it comes to your ideal relationship... and much more!
Elsbeth and Freddy Signaure 384 500

Elsbeth Meuth & Freddy Zental Weaver

Intimacy & Relationship Coaches
Ignite Your Relationship: How to Use Tantric Practices to Light That Intimate Spark You've Been Dreaming About... Plus, essential steps towards bringing lasting intimacy into your life!
Wendy Newman

Wendy Newman

Media-Celebrated Author/Dating, Sex and Relationship Expert
Ready for Love - Dating Class #1: Learn the 3 big secrets to dating success and the pitfalls to avoid that can make dating hard.
Abigail Mensah Bonsu headshot

Abigail Mensah-Bonsu

Elevated Consciousness and Feminine Embodiment Mentor, Multidimensional Healer, and #1 Bestselling Author
Heart Coherence Activation: Learn how manifesting can be easy with your magnetism...
Amrita Grace 600x600 1

Amrita Grace

Award-Winning, Bestselling Author & Certified Spiritual Sexual Educator
Awaken the Sleeping Dragon: Awaken the potent life force energy that is your birthright so you can claim your own true sacred feminine power.
Geoff Laughton 2021 square

Geoff Laughton

Relationship Architect
Should a Great Relationship be Such Hard Work? Yes! Enjoy this thought-provoking video that is designed to help you to understand why...
Susan Ball headshot

Susan Ball

Recovery After Abuse Expert
Taking Back Your Power Course: The course will look at what you denied, minimized and rationalized in the beginning of the relationship.
Amy Schoen PHOTO

Amy Schoen

Motivated to Marry Coach
The Motivated to Marry Toolbox: Do you wonder if you are truly marriage material or if marriage is in the cards for you? Tools to discover if you're truly on track for marriage or way off track!
Lisa Copeland headshot

Lisa Copeland

Love Coach/Dating Expert for Women over 50
35 First Date Questions and 9 Exit Strategies For Leaving a Date: Forget people pleasing and start honoring you.
Alexandra Stockwell 600x600 1

Alexandra Stockwell

Luxury Love and Intimacy Mentor
The Surprising Secret to having a Fantastic Relationship: Learn the truth about how to keep your relationship juicy, nourishing, and deeply satisfying...
Christopher Sunyata 600x600 1

Christopher Sunyata

Meditation Mentor and Relationship Coach
Take a guided seven-session course on how to meditate using the Hollow Bamboo teachings of Will Johnson. 
Kate Furnish 3 600x600 1

Kate Furnish

Physical Therapist, Empowerment Coach, Soul Activator
Set Up for Success: This 14 video library of keys to your fulfilling life now will set you up for SUCCESS in love and life and loving life!
headshot blk sweater hand chin

Helen Hillix, MA, LMFT

Intimacy Coach, Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
Sacred Sexuality Workbook: Take a deep dive into why you believe what you believe about sexuality
JunieMoon HiRes 0419

Junie Moon

The Love Coach
Find Fabulous Love After 40 Guidebook:10 Easy Steps Proven to Welcome In Next Level Love: Identify the patterns that hold you back and give you the clarity you need to have a breakthrough to love.
Marie Elizabeth Mali

Marie-Elizabeth Mali

Relationship Alchemist & Coach
Cultivate love and connection in your intimate relationships with an "Embody Your Desired Quality" meditation and a special Relationship Alchemy gift!
print Joanna Shakti 2265 Edit copy small

Joanna Shakti

The Soul Love Mentor & Founder of Ecstatic Intimacy
Giveaway Live Master Class Bonus: 3-Hour "Paving the Way to Soul Love" Live Interactive Workshop

Love and partnership don’t just happen. And, they definitely don’t last without care and attention. 

Confusion can go, but only if YOU take action. 

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"Relationship is the greatest teacher of love." ~ Joanna Shakti

Meet your Host of the Conscious Love Library Giveaway


The Soul Love Mentor

JoannaKennedy Boulder 0066

Joanna Shakti, The Soul Love Mentor and founder of Ecstatic Intimacy®, is smart, sexy, and a little bit spicy. You can’t miss her passion and warm playful style that both entertains and inspires. No other person on the planet possesses the experience, expertise and ability to transform lives in quite the way Joanna does. She, artfully and professionally, mixes male-female dynamics, leadership training, spiritual awakening, engineering, and even Tantra, along with a whole lot of love, to lead singles and couples who hunger for deeper love and more intimate pleasure to find and create soul-to-soul relationships where love runs deep and passion stays hot.