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Enjoying a connected, intimate conscious relationship with your soulmate doesn’t just happen and it certainly doesn’t just last. Building a conscious relationship requires a willingness to meet fully in the good times and the not-so-good times. 


When looking for soulmate love and after finding the one we feel to be our soul mate, we can fall under a spell, an illusion that it will be all roses. With soulmate love, there is way too often a corresponding - if not unconscious - imagination that the relationship will be easy - effortless - and certainly conflict-free.  


That couldn’t be further from the truth. Soul mate relationships, by design, are meant to show us every way that our soul is not fully expressed and our body not fully open to real love. Yes, our soul mates are meant to bring out the best in us, but in the meantime, they’ll also bring out the worst in us. They’ll quite often trigger our deepest fears and ask us to stretch in ways that can be far outside our comfort zone. This is a good thing. Not a bad thing.  


We desire extraordinary love. We seek profound soul love. We want a relationship that lasts through the inevitable ups and downs. But we can’t have that kind of soulful conscious relationship without knowing exactly how to create and maintain one. From the ground up. 


In Conscious Love, we listen. We see. We hear. We honor and reveal. Conflict becomes Communion. And, when things don’t work out, we consciously uncouple so that we may consciously recouple. 


“Even the most extraordinary soul connection, the deepest romantic love, cannot last without the tending to and honoring of our unconscious, our hurt, and our fears. Embrace those in you and them… then love can last” ~ Joanna Shakti


Discover the skills that conscious couples use to strengthen and deepen their relationships.


See how soulmates do soul-to-soul love.


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