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Where Conscious Relating & Soulful Love Meet

There was a battle between who I was supposed to be and who I really was…

I blamed men, but it wasn't about men. 

What most of us now know is that Masculine and Feminine Energies can get confused, misdirected, misused and frankly, overdeveloped. What's most important is that we discover who we are authentically. And, know which energy is our primary energy, or sexual essence.

When masculine and feminine dysfunction dynamics are at play, the ability to communicate, empathize, and trust ourselves and each other is hindered - or worse - creates a distance that is often insurmountable. 

Gratefully I've led countless men and women out of the contrived versions of masculinity and femininity so they might discover the most attractive, powerful, and relatable versions of themselves and each other.

I hope you'll join us.

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From the Comfort and Privacy of Your Home


Gateway to Conscious Relating

Set amidst the stunning backdrop of conscious singles and couples coming together committed to soulful relating. This all-inclusive weekend (all questions welcome) offers a quiet respite for our hectic daily life, to explore connection, re-connection, intimacy and passion. You'll arrive at our virtual location, our interactive Zoom room, and in moments you'll experience the welcome embrace of like-minded souls on the journey to soulful relating and conscious relationships. 

Event Details

The entire Soulful Relating weekend retreat is designed to clearly show you the patterns and habits that unconsciously sabotage connection, intimacy and passion. Understand the foundation of intimate relationships through embodied wholeness and the true masculine-feminine dance.

This powerful and transformative weekend filled with other conscious men and women, like you, will radically shift your relationship with love and intimacy.

You'll walk away with a more open heart for intimate loving and know how to step into the truth of you - knowing your capacity to give and receive love - while attracting (or re-attracting) your soulmate.


A Note to Singles

Crazy? It might seem strange to register for a retreat about sex when you don't have a partner, but truly, there is no better time to attend a retreat like this. Think about it, do you want to sort out your limiting beliefs and habits around sex while you are struggling in relationship or do you want to sort them out now... and bring your full sexual expression and confidence to your next relationship. 

Here's the other secret that single participants discover after the retreat, when you know how to be a great lover in bed and out… you attract a very different and much better fitting partner.

This is the time." 

The Experience


On the evening of Day 1 & Day 2

Release Your Limits to Pleasure and Ecstasy

Your "Conscious Sexuality" Intensive Retreat begins with experiences and exercises designed to remove the blocks and barriers to sexual connection, intimacy and ecstasy that might exist within you.  You'll clear out beliefs, habits, fears, and judgments that have limited you from fully connecting with your sexual expression. We'll look at body and self-image perceptions that hold you back from fully loving and being loved.  You'll be able to remove societal, religious and "life-experience" conditioning that unconsciously limits both your pleasure and your partner's pleasure.

Leaving all that behind, you'll be able to take your intimate life to the edges of ecstasy and beyond.


Day 2 Evening

Celebrating the Reunion of the Divine Masculine and Feminine

In this powerful evening experience, together the men and women will create a sacred space of witnessing, honoring and healing the mistrust, misunderstanding, and disrespect of the masculine and feminine in love and intimacy.  This experience leaves those in attendance in awe of the healing power available to us when we come together and unite in conscious community. Leave feeling witnessed, honored and cleansed.


Day 3

Igniting the Passion

Finally, on day three we'll explore things like types of orgasms, important sexual anatomy, sexual differences, men's and women's needs, turn-ons, desire, and the sexual dance of the divine masculine and feminine with all of its ravishing ecstasy.

We'll create a space for learning, questions, conversations, and honesty between men and women as they share with each other what truly creates the most ecstatic sexual experiences for each other.

"I really believe this work can benefit everyone. It's been such a fruitful path for me to explore my relationship with feminine and masculine energies - it truly shows up EVERYWHERE in my life. Joanna does an amazing job creating a space of deep learning as well as a safe place to practice embodying these energies differently - I had many a-ha moments inside the workshop, and have left with a clear understanding inside myself of how I can play and practice with these concepts in my own life. No shame or judgment here, just an amazing opportunity to explore your authentic self, let go of some old baggage, and witness a group of people blossoming :)"

~ E.

"The retreat material is so well structured and the insights into masculine/feminine energy and relating are presented in such a way that it felt like a lightbulb was flashing in my head as realisations that things I've done in the past were out of alignment with my true essence. I loved the breakout sessions where we got to practice our walk, talk and standing and get honest feedback. Joanna is truly a shining example of the feminine. She presents the information in a way that keeps participants engaged and creates a safe space to be vulnerable which allows for personal growth."

~ S.

"One of the great things about this retreat was the excellent people that were going through this with me.  Many of the men had similar experiences or were going through experiences that I had been through so we could all relate and help support each other.  This companionship of shared experiences allowed me to relax even more.  One key take-away that I had is that everything that I see and interpret is all through me. Basically, no more blaming anyone or anything for things.  I realized that things happen for a reason and it all comes down to how I react to them.  (Deep sigh...)"

~ S.

"I just experienced an awesome workshop with Joanna…  I could certainly recommend it to anyone who wants to expand their understanding of relationships and their understanding of themselves. Extremely well presented and covered a very wide range of topics.  Joanna managed to cover those topics in sufficient detail and with personal experience so that each topic became a valuable tool to allow us to analyze ourselves. I'm looking forward to a much better relationship with my wife and certainly with myself." 

~ H.





*Early Registration $397 until August 3, 2021 

Event Dates: August 13th -15th, 2021

What's Included: 

2.5 Days of Experiential and Interactive Transformation

3-Hour Paving the Way to Soul Love Training to watch at your leisure

60-Minute Private Igniting Soul Session with Joanna

Bring a Friend or Partner for Free

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Ecstatic Ecstasy - Where Heart and Sex Unite and Spirt Leads

"We forget the privilege it is to place our hands, our lips, our bodies upon another body. The deepest ecstasy demands your deepest presence, your true reverence to the sacred one before you. Only when you bring your whole heart united with your soul may you enter into divine union with another."


~Joanna Shakti