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Divine Masculine Embodiment: Understanding the Meaning of the Divine Masculine

The Divine Masculine takes many forms in human life, yet still remains the one ultimate expression of the sacred masculine. It gives its gift over and over again, yet most of humanity remains oblivious to its contribution and power, to its genuine love. To feel and know the divine masculine in your own life is one of the greatest privileges you’ll ever have. Whether you feel yourself to be predominantly masculine or feminine, the depth and strength of your relationship with this divine presence will greatly contribute to your level of prosperity, peace, and security throughout life. 

While this exploration is not directly about sex or relationship, everything said here does apply to romantic attraction and lovemaking. It also applies to our professional endeavors, our purpose or calling, our spirituality, our well-being, our sovereignty, or in other words, it applies to the power of the Divine Masculine in the whole of life.

What is Divine Masculine?

You will personally be able to find and feel the answer to the question ‘what is divine masculine’ in each moment as you deepen your awareness of, and skill with, true masculine energy. Masculine energy in general expresses itself as the driving force of life. It is the energy that provides and protects. It is the energy that holds space and produces results. (In contrast, feminine energy, which the Divine Masculine must partner with and depend on, expresses as the connecting and unifying force of life. It embraces, caresses and nourishes. It softens in the midst of resistance. It opens and receives.) We’ll return to the partnership and union between the divine masculine and the divine feminine shortly, and for now, we must recognize their interdependence on one another for the deepest embodiment of each. 

Recognizing the general nature of masculinity itself, we can see then that divine expression and embodiment occurs when the motivation behind its expression rests in the highest service to all of humanity. While it is true that the masculine is focused on individualism and sovereignty, it also concerns itself with the good of all. It serves both the individual and the collective with its focus, commitment, drive, and determination. 

It is the expression of masculinity that, through its power, serves humanity, individually and collectively, for the sustainability of human life, for our overall prosperity, and for the expansion of possibility for all. 

Divine Masculine Energy

We can look to David Deida, one of the pioneers in the understanding of the Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine, who shared with us that Divine Masculine energy is the energy of consciousness. But what do we mean by consciousness? In spiritual realms, the ancient and everlasting sacred traditions, teach us that consciousness is the path to awakening, is even enlightenment itself. Consciousness, also often referred to as awareness, is the field that both holds everything, holds life, holds the universe, and that which makes up all that exists within the universe, including matter. In the Hindu tradition this is known as Shiva energy. In the Taoist tradition, this is known as Yang energy. In Christian mysticism we refer to the Sacred Masculine.

The energy that moves through consciousness, that animates life, is known in the Hindu tradition as Shakti energy, or feminine energy. Also known as Yin energy, it is the expression and energy of life. It is this marriage of consciousness, the field of the Divine, and the waves of energy that move through it, that make up the whole of life. This shows us why we will never be served by any attempt to separate, nullify, or neutralize the Divine Masculine relationship with its counterpart the Divine Feminine. 

Consciousness and energy unite to create life, to innovate, to create. Without the sacred feminine energy, divine masculine energy is pure possibility, just potential, the unmanifest. In the same way, feminine energy without its partner masculine is just a wave, you might say. It remains formless. We might also say that Divine Masculine energy holds the vision for humanity while Divine Feminine manifests that vision into form. 

Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine Union (Inner Marriage) 

While the Divine Masculine is one of the most profound and sacred experiences we might encounter as a human being, the only comparable moments might be those where we encounter the Divine Feminine. Which one we actually deem more profound might only depend on the focus of our attention in the moment of the encounter, paired with our own constitution or makeup. Needless to say, either the Divine Masculine or the Divine Feminine, or both, can take your breath away and render you speechless.

The Masculine & Feminine must be in union in order for either to thrive, as such, they constantly seek each other. They seek through creative forces, they seek through romantic attraction, they seek divine union through our loving and lovemaking.

The greatest human experiences of love, of service, of joy, of abundance rely on the inner marriage of the divine masculine and feminine. We might describe the sacred masculine, awakened masculine, the divine masculine as the masculine that depends on the feminine, that holds the feminine at its heart. In contrast, the unconscious or, what some label, toxic masculine, has divorced itself from the divine feminine. (But to be clear, masculinity is not toxic itself.)

Without the inner feminine heart, the masculine is not the divine masculine. It is hard, rigid, inflexible, closed, shut down. It lacks its truest potency. The divine masculine is only the divine masculine because it allows the feminine to offer it, imbue it with softness and compassion, as well as rest and rejuvenation through its ability to open, relax and even play.  

When we don’t consciously rely on, and integrate, these energies, our beings have to work much harder to thrive in life and make the contributions our individual souls are here to make.

Divine Masculine Meaning

Ok, so we’re beginning to get a sense of what the divine masculine is, but what is the real divine masculine meaning, how does it show up in real life? 

First, before diving into the meaning, we must understand that ‘the divine’ refers to that which in our human experience exists beyond the body, that often renders us breathless, speechless when we encounter it, that unifies us by nature. Some name this divine experience God, Life, Universe, Source, Higher Self, or many other names for this sacred experience and expression. For our purposes here in exploring the Divine Masculine, it doesn’t matter what you believe or what word you might use for this universal Truth, what matters is the knowing that you are part of something much greater than yourself. 

With that being said, we might also refer to the Divine Masculine, especially metaphorically, as God the Father. Many resist this phrase, understandably so. And, let’s use it here for its power of metaphor for Divine Masculine energy. You see, the Divine Masculine expresses itself as the ultimate father energy – the ultimate and unending, never ceasing, provider and protector. It is the energy that, whether predominantly masculine or feminine ourselves, we can lean into, rest with, knowing that we are held, that we are taken care of. It’s the invisible rock that holds each of us, if we are willing to let it, if we are willing to trust the sacred nature and benevolence of life.

The divine masculine is the quiet, still, immovable presence of the universe that holds you, all. Silently the Divine Masculine whispers ‘I’ve got you’ over and over again into our ears. But will we listen?

This is not to say that we don’t face immense challenges as human beings. We do. We absolutely do. And, by definition the Divine Masculine holds us, supports us, walks with us during these painful times. The Christian prayer Footprints speaks so clearly of the Divine Masculine. It first questions, seeing only one set of footprints in the sand, “why did you forsake me” in the most trying times. And, “God” replies to this effect, “I did not forsake you, dear one. I carried you.” This is the invisible, yet absolutely real, absolutely powerful Divine Masculine in action in our lives.  

Misunderstanding the Human Masculine – Trust and Emasculation 

Those human beings who hold predominant masculine energy are a personified embodiment of the masculine, a human representation of that sacred and ultimate Divine Masculine energy. Yet, so often, as humans, and especially as feminine beings, we forget about this sacred energy that always surrounds us and we expect the human masculine to deliver, to show up as perfect, as divine. This impossible, yet understandable, expectation eventually usurps trust, and blocks the feminine vulnerability necessary for intimate relating, authentic relationships. 

A masculine partner can “stand in” for the Divine Masculine, but their human embodiment alone will never fully be the ultimate divine masculine. Unfortunately in that misunderstanding of the Divine Masculine, in our humanness, especially in our feminine humanness, we feel disappointed. Yet, our beloved human masculine partners, fathers, siblings, co-workers, or even children can’t ever fully live up to our misplaced expectations. 

Our seeking of trust is displaced onto the human instead of the divine. And, in our inevitable disappointment, we will, in both subtle and direct ways, tell our masculine partners that they are not enough, that they lack what we desire. This is devastating for the human masculine. 

Worse yet, in our recurrent disappointment, we all too frequently emasculate the masculine beings we love and depend on. This misplaced trust, our disappointment, and subsequent emasculation slowly breaks down the essential bond of the divine masculine and feminine so necessary in our intimate relationships. 

Therefore it is imperative that we understand the true divine masculine meaning and not confuse it with the human, fallible and imperfect masculine.  

The mind cannot grasp the fullness of the Divine Masculine, but the heart can. The body feels the depth, potency, and power of this universal and sacred energy. Will you get to know it? Will you allow yourself to rest in it? Be supported by it?

*At Ecstatic Intimacy, an all-inclusive website for singles and couples, we welcome all sexual orientation(s), gender(s) and relationship expressions. In this article we utilize the pronouns he/she/him/her.

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  1. Yeti Quabaug on May 6, 2022 at 4:56 pm

    This is a very interesting article, though it seems, mostly, to center in on women at the end. That is not a bad thing, it is just abrupt.

    Wouldn’t the overall point, however, be that women should transcend a relationship with a human man, leave it behind, and go for the Divine? If the Divine is such a draw, and the human man such a declension from it, and the frustration with these imperfect beings such an ongoing problem to transcendence–well, wouldn’t a pure, transcendent, non-copulative, blissfully uncomplicated state be just the ticket?

    • Joanna Shakti on May 9, 2022 at 8:53 pm

      Thank you for your comments! I can see your point about transcending the relationship with a human man, and we can’t do that to “uncomplicate” things. That would tend to have more of a bypassing effect. The sacred/conscious path of relationship is what shows us the way into true divine union. I’d say the path is through rather than around. When we can be with a partner wholly in the human imperfection and the divine nature, that is true freedom.

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