Ecstatic Ecstasy™: Stage 3

Divine Union -- Live, love and make love on the spiritual path of relationship.

Walking The Path of Love™

When you're deeply connected… so connected that (joy) Divine Union is happening… Here's just a little bit of what that could look like in your life…

In phase 3, you'll live, love and make love on the conscious path of relationship

Feeling divine love expanding in all directions in your life, you realize the reason you journeyed through the first two phases was so you could enjoy the ecstasy of Living in Ecstatic Union.  

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As you're sharing deep soulful intimacy, you know your heart is open. You feel cherished and valued, respected and admired. You feel the depth of the divine union of body, heart and soul.  It feeeeeels so good - in bed and out.

As you step into the realm of divine love, all of your relationships deepen because they're infused with the experiences of treasuring, devotion and reverence. You realize and live the truth that you are both human and divine, perfect and imperfect all the same. You see that your humanness brings you to your divinity and your divinity embraces your humanity. 

As you experience this in yourself, in your romantic life, and in all of life, you'll know 360-degree love as you realize the most profound experience of unconditional love we can know as human beings. 

You discover true heart's fulfillment, from the board room to the bedroom and everywhere in between. You know that living your soul's purpose and embodying love in its deepest realms brings the deepest fulfillment.

For some, your purpose will call you to be a beacon light and ripple of love in the world.  You'll know that leading from love is your soul's calling and you'll discover the ways you can serve, love, and glow with other light bearers and way-showers who each share this calling. 

Walking the sacred path of love, day in and day out, this phase invites you into divine union of body, soul, and spirit where you are driven wild with pleasure and the flames of love burn so hot that they melt away anything that obscures your oneness with love.

In this ecstasy, separation dissolves and all that remains is the oneness of love.

Divine Union: Your journey culminates here in the sacred realms of Ecstasy and beyond.

  • Watch as divine union evolves each of your souls to its highest expression.
  • See, hold, and treasure yourself and each other with reverence and devotion. Knowing the priceless essence of heart, body and soul united.
  • Realize that sovereignty creates unity and unity creates sovereignty. Love takes you and your life into unending moments of awe.
  • Know in the depths of your soul that you are here for a reason - a unique purpose - that no one else can fulfill. You were born to be you. And, you are loved deeply for it.
  • Experience a life of "best evers" - well beyond the bedroom. Life and love take your breath away over and over and over.

The 12 Sacred Tenets of Divine Union*

(*Loving Soul-to-Soul required)

#1 Embracing the Unknown: Taking the Ride of Your Life

Sex is a great metaphor for a life fully lived. How good is the sex that is the same day after day? Isn't the best sex where "something" takes over and it's unlike anything you've ever imagined before? Isn't that what makes a "best ever"?  It's best ever because we've never been there before, and you didn't even know where you were going. It was a complete surprise. It's "best ever" because you didn't know that what you just experienced was even possible. It was mind-blowing because it was something your mind couldn't conceive.

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#2 Dancing with Fear:  The Doorway to your Ultimate Life

Fear contracts, limits, and ultimately stops us. When you deepen with the truth that it's all either 'fear' or 'love,' as spoken in "The Course in Miracles," you'll recognize how to live in true freedom, to connect with another at the deepest levels, to find uninhibited sexual expression, and to experience the complete magnificence of life. We must learn to dance with fear. It cannot dominate us, and we cannot dominate it. Build your relationship with this powerful emotion, and others like it, in a way that liberates the deepest expressions of love and ecstasy.

#3 Sacred Love: The Evolution of Love and Romantic Relationship

The misconceptions and misperceptions of love leave you not just limited but actually handicapped when it comes to experiencing peace, joy, and true connection. The evolution of human intimate relationships has opened the door to an entirely new level of profound spiritual partnership, setting the stage for ultimate union. Come to know the truth of love and all its myriad expressions and forms and see how you grasp for love where it's impossible to find, you'll also realize where love always exists and never fails you, ever.

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#4 Divine Union:  Uniting on Every Level in Every Way

Our humanness wants to know our divinity and yet, our humanness is also often terrified - terrified to not only know our own innate individual power, but the deep ravishing power of love, and the exquisitely intense power of sexual union. Even though we may resist it, we are meant to know and embody these powers. Without living in union with self, other, and divine, this human world is too complicated, requires too much effort. Embody your fullest power, only available through true divine union, and fall into the sweet abyss of oneness in love.

#5 Resting in Pure Trust: Connecting with the True Source of Safety (and Liberation)

We are always held by a force greater than our individual selves. It doesn't matter if we've feared failure, rejection, abandonment, embarrassment, or anything of the like, you can come to actually trust the words, "I've Got You." You'll find that this real trust of life is a prerequisite for ecstasy.

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#6 Unity through Non-Attachment: Releasing the Ties that Bind

Our intimate relationships, and ultimately all relationships, are bound on a human level by our attachments. These attachments are driven by our protective patterns that attempt to ensure we never feel hurt again, yet we still feel hurt. The protective strategy invariably fails to protect us from pain, but it succeeds in protecting us from the very love we seek. We must see and release the unconscious ways we grasp onto, manipulate, and control others in an attempt to feel safe, while subsequently driving us into a feeling of uncertainty and mistrust. Release the egoic ties that bind, so that souls may find their true union.

#7 Being Self-ish: Losing Your 'self' to Find Your 'Self'

You'll discover it's not selfish, and it is. We hate "losing" ourself in relationship, saying emphatically, "I don't want to lose myself again." Yet the sense of 'self' we rely on is one of incompleteness. Hence, we look to the other for wholeness and fulfillment, while still never really finding what it is we seek. Liberate yourself beyond the conditioned habits, roles, and patterns into the divine expression and contribution for which you walk this planet - so you can live it in your family, your intimate relationships, even your profession. See how your soul is meant to serve humanity in this time. 

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#8 Surrendering My Way:  Release Who You are Trying to Be So You Can Be Who You Are

Ask yourself, have your attempts to make life turn out the way you think it should, worked well? Have you been able to make your life look the way you thought it should? EVERY single one of us, has a "control" freak within, that imagines we can make life happy, safe, and easy through our own efforts. Yet, those with the most extraordinary lives know, it's the moments of surrender that bring us blessings beyond our wildest imaginations. True surrender brings about miracles. Miracles - the unexpected blessing.

#9 Masculine - Feminine Marriage: Re-Unite for Your Greatest Power and Fulfillment

Divine masculine and feminine love each other. They are here with and for each other - with us and for us. These two energies when united within, between, and beyond us, provide every skill, ability, and awareness we need to face any challenge, to attract that which is meant for our soul, and to create the deepest most ecstatic healing orgasmic pleasures we'll ever know.

Yet, we fight with these energies and they seem to fight within us. When you bring them back into divine alignment within you, you'll know even more profound experiences of Authenticity, Intimacy and Ecstasy.

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#10 Opening in the Hurt: The Path of Ecstatic Love

Having our heart broken open can feel like the greatest emotional, and even physical pain, we've ever experienced. And those who have walked through that break have found a love more exquisite than any their mind could have imagined. Our hurts are here to open us.  Our hurts are here to make us tender.  Our hurts are here to teach us vulnerability.  It is through the openness, the tenderness, the vulnerability that we can come to know the truth of love, the truth of human connection, the truth of divine oneness.

#11 Uninhibited Sexual Expression: Experiencing Soul Sex

Sexual energy - life force energy - creative energy - generative energy - healing energy.  Soul Sex is all of this and so much more. Our sexual energy is truly our vitality, our restoration, and our joy. Allowing yourself and your partner to discover the fullness of your human sexual expression will invariably bring you, and when you are with a partner, the two of you, into divine ecstatic union. As you cultivate free flow of sexual energy throughout your body, sharing it with a partner in soul-to-soul union.

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#12 The Ever Present Now: Gateway to the Divine

We're seeking love. We desire peace. Yet so often we're in a battle with life, in a battle with ourselves, and often in a battle with the ones we love (or want to love.) Those battles happen in the here and now, but the cause of those battles is anywhere BUT the here and now. The now is our access point to everything we seek in life and relationship, and even sex. And, our humanness, our ego, wants to be anywhere but the Now.

"Ecstatic Ecstasy: Where Heart and Sex Unite and Spirit Leads"  - Joanna Shakti -

Stage 3: Experiencing Ecstatic Ecstasy through Living in Ecstatic Union™

Living in Ecstatic Union Retreat

From the luscious and luxurious mountains of Colorado this retreat takes you away from everything that distracts you from enjoying love and truly being you. This 3-day experiential and deeply interactive retreat will bring you into union with all that is, and all that love is. Soak in the rich experiences of Ecstatic Living. When you return home, you'll take home YOU, the real you, so that you don't return to the life you had, but to living the life that takes your breath away, moment by moment by moment.

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As the fires in your hearts burn brighter, they remove anything that obscures your oneness, your Divine Union.

", gem-packed, experiential and transformational... it can blow your mind away, awaken your body and open up your soul to a deeper way of relating to your partner and to your/his/her sexuality. It shows you what living in ecstatic union looks you practical tools to use in carving out your own way towards ecstatic union and sacred sexuality."

~ I.

"Any seeker of truth, any man who loves women, any man who wants to LOVE LIFE more fully and LIVE LIFE more fully, any soul who wants to connect more completely with his higher self, connect more completely with his work, and connect more completely with his lover/s (and his loved ones) should make the effort to spend time with Joanna. She is a gifted guide, an insightful teacher..."

~ M.

"... was about connection and awareness-connection with your authentic  self, connection with others, and connection with the Divine, or God or the Universe, or whatever word that you call that benevolent energy that is the source of all Life. What I discovered was not only the secret  for an amazing sex life but the secret for an amazing life. It's simple but not easy... resting from that place equals MAGIC!"

~ M.

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