Step 3b:  The Ecstatic Intimacy Soul Love ‘Beta Prime’ Certification Program includes…   

Certification Embodiment Elements

  • Approximately 70 hours of Ecstatic Intimacy Certification Embodiment Element Trainings including Related Handouts, Tip Sheets, Toolkits.
  • Additional live trainings as needed
  • Ecstatic Intimacy Coaching Certification Manual
  • Ecstatic Intimacy Coaching Workbook

Ecstatic Intimacy Certification 

Coaches Practice & Integration Community

  • Membership in Ecstatic Intimacy Coaches Community


Ecstatic Intimacy Coaching Embodiment Practices

  • Give 12 Coach-to-Coach Coaching Sessions and Receive 12 Coach-to-Coach Coaching Sessions with bi-directional evaluations


Personal Mentoring and Coaching Support from Joanna

  • Your questions are answers by Joanna when you post them in the Ecstatic Intimacy Coaches Group
  • Bi-weekly open Office Hours sessions with Joanna to answer your coaching questions
  • At least 2 Coaching Development Sessions with Joanna



  • Bonus: 1 Year Participation in the Living in Ecstatic Union Program
  • Paid-in-Full Bonus: Private 6-Hour VIP Day with Joanna


The above may be adjusted as needed to support the well-being and success of the participants.


[Enrollment while enrolled in, or after completing, LSS

-- $15000 Regular // $12000 Beta]


Revised 06.09.21 – Version 2.1