Ecstatic Intimacy Coach Certification Program

Here's just a small peek at what your Ecstatic Intimacy Coach Certification can mean in your life...

For some, your purpose will call you to be a beacon light and ripple of love in the world.  You'll know that leading from love is your soul's calling and you'll discover the ways you can serve, love, and glow with other light bearers and way-showers who each share this calling.

When you know your soul has a gift to give… When your soul hungers for full expression in life, in love, and in service… When your soul knows that it is love that heals and unites in the face of all conflict, then you must answer that call.

Your unique soul's expression cannot be duplicated or provided by anyone other than YOU.  No one else can contribute or give to this world what you have to give. No one else can be the gift of love the way you can.  You will be a unique mentor of soul love.


Because your soul lives in human form, on this planet, at this moment in time, your soul knows that …

    • Love is the answer. You recognize that love is the solution to all that ails our societies and planet.  You know that violence, hatred, and cruelty are an expression of love in pain, and you're passionate about transforming pain into love so that we can find peace on earth.
    • The feminine yin is the gateway through which love comes into its fullest expression, no matter the gender, orientation, or sexual essence.
    • The yang masculine must be embraced and empowered simultaneously, and in harmony with, the divine feminine.
    • Through the full reunion of the sacred masculine with the sacred feminine that you, we, and all, will find the peace, passion, and prosperity that arise from living in love. 


If your soul vibrates in the truth of what's written here, then the Ecstatic Intimacy Certification just might be for you.

The certification combines mentorship, training in the sacred path of love, coaching skills, as well as energetic training in and of the divine masculine and divine feminine.

You'll find yourself experiencing and sharing Soul Love in every area of your life… every area.

Once you are Ecstatic Intimacy Certified, you will continue to develop a mastery of soul love in your own life, while living your life's purpose. Just by being you and living your life, through your soul's embodiment of the sacred masculine and feminine, you'll be a ripple of healing and awakening on the planet- creating a world where love is the central force.

You'll be a true guide on the path of soul love. You'll be a way show-er. You'll hold the light that lets others find their way.  You'll support your clients and others to transform their relationship with themselves as well as their romantic, family, community and business relationships.  You'll create hope and possibility in hearts and minds, where it didn't exist before.

As this beacon of love, you'll give others permission to shine their light.  As a ripple of love, you'll help to wash away anything unlike itself and inspire the world - one individual at a time - to live in love.


During your Certification journey, you'll….

    • Step into mastery and fullest embodiment of love, light and truth. In your embodiment, you'll open the door to living your soul's purpose in love.
    • Learn how to "transfer the transformation" of Ecstatic Authenticity, Ecstatic Intimacy, and Ecstatic Ecstasy to others. You'll show the way, helping them up when they stumble, while sharing your wisdom of how to make the journey with the least pain and the most pleasure. One person at a time you'll expand your ripple of love.
    • Be Infused with love. You join a community of light bearers and way showers who support, honor, nurture and celebrate each other.  We, as humans, are truly community beings and we've too often lived a life of separation, doing it all alone, and hence, duplicating efforts, over and over again. In this community, you'll be supported by and immersed in love and support.
    • Spread the Ripple. Professionally, should you choose, you have a tried-and-true approach to use with your private clients. In addition, there are limited opportunities, should we all agree it's a great fit, for you to be a coach for in-house Ecstatic Intimacy, Soul Love Program Series.


Professionally, with your certification, depending on your business vision, you have ability to leverage the Ecstatic Intimacy brand, systems and concepts to guide, coach, and mentor your one-on-one private clients through the Ecstatic Authenticity and Ecstatic Intimacy phases of the Path of Soul Love. As you know, this proven process and system, time and time again, transforms the lives, love and lovemaking of those who walk this path. So, even if you don't already have a business, with your certification you'll have access to a solid immediate method and structure for serving your clients at the highest levels, consistently, without needing a significant business infrastructure.

You'll have built the foundation for contributing your purpose in the world. I invite you to be one of the few - yet so needed - guides for soul love in the world today.  I look forward to serving you as you serve others.

I invite you to be one of the few - yet so needed - guides for soul love in the world today.

I look forward to serving you as you serve others.



The First Step of the Journey

"What we can do today is choose to schedule a little time to reconnect with your truth, your heart, your passion, your power, your purpose…"


Take one step forward and email Joanna sharing why the possibility of being an Ecstatic Intimacy Certified Coach speaks to your heart and to your soul. After Joanna reads your email, we'll reach out to with best next step recommendations.

We look forward to reading what your heart writes.