Episode 18: Up Against the Wall

With Joanna Shakti

Web Series:  Episode 18

Up Against the Wall: The Secret to Ecstatic Kissing

Ever had a great date but a lousy kiss? Wish there was just a little bit more spark and spice to your kisses?  Don’t worry … there’s hope!  No… we’re not all great kissers by design… and yes… it is a skill you can learn! In this episode, I share with you a whole bunch of ways to turn up the heat in a kiss and how tp make it more ecstatic…

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More Guidance and Wisdom…

Now that you know how to end a relationship without the deep heartache and baggage here are links to other videos, blogs, cheat sheets, guides and free gifts to continue supporting you in creating a Soul Love relationship where the love runs deep and the passion stays hot… 

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