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Intentional Dating & Relationship

Creating Conscious Relationship™ in the New Year

Free Event

It's uncommon to be truly intentional about our dating, and the relationships that follow. But those who are, know it matters.

Until we meet next time, you are welcome to be in the company of those on this uncommon journey.

January 13, 2024

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YinYang #29

Let's Talk Attraction

Free Event

A monthly open Q&A on the Pain and Pleasure of the Masculine & Feminine Dynamic

 Attraction and chemistry can last, but rarely do. It's uncommon to fully comprehend the dynamic intimacy of the masculine and feminine. But those who do, know it matters. This is your chance to understand... And, the best part… it's our gift to you.

Date: February 6, 2024

(happens monthly on the 1st Tuesday)

Location: Virtual Online

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Soulful Relating Retreat

An Interactive Weekend Event for Singles and Couples

Become the best partner you can be. No more blaming your partner (past or present). Bring this wisdom, skill and experience TO your (next) relationship.

Plus: Singles, you'll attract a much better partner.  Couples, you'll reignite your relationship.

March 1-3, 2024

Location: Broomfield, CO (near Denver/Boulder)

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masculine feminine retreat

Divine Masculine Feminine Retreat

An Interactive Weekend Retreat for Singles and Couples

The entire Divine Masculine Feminine weekend retreat is designed to clearly show you the patterns and habits that unconsciously sabotage connection, intimacy and passion. Understand the foundation of intimate relationships through embodied wholeness and the true masculine-feminine dance.

This powerful and transformative weekend brings clarity and compassion to the intrinsic differences that have the potential to make relationships extraordinary, and entirely worth our investment.

April 26-28, 2024

Location: Broomfield, CO (near Denver/Boulder)

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Soulful Passion Retreat

An Interactive Weekend Event for Singles and Couples

The entire Soulful Passion (Conscious Sexuality) weekend retreat is designed to wake up the most romantic, intimate, and passionate lover in you, so you can share and receive the deepest pleasures of intimate and sexual union.

This powerful and transformative weekend filled with other conscious men and women, like you, will radically transform your relationship with love and sexuality.

Date: To be announced

Location:  Broomfield, CO (near Denver/Boulder)

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"Few people can claim to be fully congruent with the message that they bring. Yet, Joanna is intimacy! She unzips her heart and shares passionately a soul committed to awakening each person to that primitive something within that knows how to love. Whether you're male or female, Joanna is taking us all to a place deeper within where there is no separation and where the dance of the divine feminine and masculine never stops! Read her books. Attend her workshops. Hire her as your coach. She will get you turned on and tuned in and inspire and empower you to design and live the life of your dreams!"

Rev. Kevin Ross, Unity Church  January 11, 2017

Past Events


Sacred Sexuality Retreat

Awaken, Heal & Ignite Sexual Energy through Sacred Loving

During this unique and powerful weekend, we'll explore the foundational elements of Sacred Sexuality and how to can combine these awarenesses, practices, and techniques to ignite a fire of love in your heart and a fire of passion in your sexual center.


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Virtual Satsang

An Open Conversation about Love in the Company of Truth 


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Tantric Puja

A Celebration, Healing & Awakening of the Divine Masculine and Feminine