Heartache and Barriers to Love

AdobeStock 324288231If you want to experience the deepest most profound love, you have to be willing to experience the deepest most profound heartbreak. There is nothing however that says you will experience heartbreak, but if you’re constantly protecting yourself against potential rejection, abandonment, upset, hurt, and loss, you are also protecting yourself against love, joy, connection, intimacy and passion. We can not open to love without opening to the loss of love. 

Being well prepared for love certainly lessens the chance of heartache. Having great relationship and conscious conflict navigations skills can turn any struggling relationship into something profound and heartstopping, but none of these are guarantees against heart ache but they are, most definitely, barriers to true love.

Our barriers can be subtle and sneaky and nearly impossible to see. That’s why having someone help you see your blindspots couldn’t be more important when it comes to navigating dating are relationships. It’s so common for us to see the bad habits, insecurities, avoidances, commitment fears, but it’s a whole other thing to see those love-blocking qualities within ourselves. The first step happens when you are willing to wonder, “what barriers to love” might I have. Or asking yourself, if there was a part of me that was scared of loving and being loved, what might that part be? If some part of me was unconsciously resistant to being in a committed relationship, what might I resist? 

This journey of love is not about finding love. It’s not about working hard to be the right person. It’s about letting go of everything that keeps you from being you, the real genuine authentic you.  And, it's about knowing how to heal a broken relationship or how to tend gently to a heart that hurts, but that will happen if you love someone. 

As Rumi says… “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

Read on to discover the hidden silent blocks to love in you so that love may come flooding into your heart in breath-taking ways. 


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