Home is Where the Hearth Is

“Home is Where the Hearth Is”, But Where Did it Go?

Homemaking…OMG… Would a good modern woman utter that word, yet alone pay attention to it? Or even hunger for it?

She would.  I know.   It’s a lost pleasure and art.

“Home is where the hearth is” is an old country saying that I believe still has merit today for women and men alike.  What does “hearth” mean in today’s world where fire places are no longer necessary?  To me hearth means, the place where we find warmth and comfort… It’s the place where our bodies are nourished through food, drink, rest and love.

Recognizing the importance of being nourished in our homes, I’d say nourishing is something that most woman and a majority of men lack in today’s go go go…driven… never ending, never quit, high demand world.

My sense is that where there was a hearth, or at least a central family gathering place, there was an embrace of love that wrapped all who entered…And brought a deep magical intimacy to love made on soft fur by fire light alone.

In my opinion, we’ve lost our sense of home and we’re desperately seeking it.  We seek it through restaurant food.  We seek it through moments of rare quiet in the car.  We seek it through physical loving, but we never slow down enough to really feel it.  We don’t stop in a space like a hearth and actually let love and loving heal us, rejuvenate us, and soothe our battered spirit.

I often find myself hungry and longing for a “hearth” space again. If you’re really honest, do you? I imagine that space that feels like “home” where all of life’s challenges and tribulations seem to fall away because you are so bathed in the love, warmth, comfort and security of a home well made. Sound good? Even amazing?

Who’s responsibility is it to make a “home”?  I’m not sure, but I know I have a longing for the time, energy and resources to make my home surroundings match my vision of warmth, connection and embracing love that I fantasize about in my mind, thinking “Wouldn’t it be great if…”

I get to feel warm, loving, and loved when creating that space.

So maybe it’s my responsibility, maybe it’s not.  I’d say it’s more about inspiration and pull of the longing that pulls one to it.  For me, anything that fills my heart and embraces me with love is more than worth finding the space for.

As far as society in general, I see so many women hungry for nurturing, comfort, and rest — let alone security.  Ladies, these are expressions of most women’s souls.  If they’re in you, stop fighting them and embrace them.  Move toward them. Honor them.  They do make you weak or less than.  I promise, when you listen and answer the call in your heart, all will be served.

Men, you may or may not have this deep longing and yet I know your soul is also supported by “hearth” and its embracing love, including the soft embrace of a woman’s arms around you.  If you’re not called to “hearth-making” or “homemaking” is there is a woman in your life?  If so, how can you help her or how can the two of you together create a hearth for loving.

Our souls long for a “hearth”.  Is it time for you to have one?

Comment below… do you agree or disagree?

With love, light and ecstasy,

In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

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  1. Irmi on November 7, 2020 at 10:45 am

    I totally agree! I was a home maker and stay at home mom for twenty years and I loved it!
    I still love to cook and feed people. When I start feeding a man it means something special is happening!

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