how to connect to your divine feminine

How to connect with your Divine Feminine successfully

When someone begins wondering how to connect with your Divine Feminine successfully, they have touched or sensed a part of themselves – a powerful innate part of themselves – that has likely been hidden, tucked away, untouched and unexpressed. Yet, now this part wants to be released and set free. Before that freeing can occur, the body, mind, and spirit must prepare itself to hold the immense power of this sacred aspect of the feminine. If you’re curious how to connect with your Divine Feminine, you are ready to begin the journey of awakening.

What is the Divine Feminine?

In order to answer the question, how to connect with your Divine Feminine, we must first answer the question: what is the Divine Feminine? To know the Divine Feminine, we must develop the ability to feel the feminine within ourselves and within others. As you likely know by now, every human being embodies and expresses both masculine and feminine energy. For most, one energy authentically expresses itself more predominantly than the other. While masculine energy expresses as individuality, direction, purpose, discipline, drive, and determination in pursuit of a result, feminine energy expresses as compassion, creativity, sensitivity, softness, allowing, vulnerability, and flow inviting unity. 

Hearing that some may project that masculine energy has more strength, garners more respect, and has more value. Some may have been conditioned to believe that the feminine is weak, passive and even helpless, or lacking power. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Divine Feminine may actually hold the greatest power in existence. The Divine Feminine holds the power to unite, ignite and energize everything in life. And there is simply nothing stronger than the power of unity.

In reality, all feminine energy is Divine Feminine energy, and in our human forms it doesn’t always express or show up that way. Femininity takes on a humanness or egoic nature when it’s motivated by personal gain rather than for the good of all. We can refer to this as the shadow side of femininity. This egoic side can take on the feminine manipulative and deceptive qualities when used for individual benefit. So, as we answer the question How to connect with your Divine Feminine energy?, it is important to remain aware of the motivation behind all of our actions.

This bears repeating because collectively we have such a misunderstanding of the feminine and how it brings mother energy to all. The Divine Feminine moves for the good of all by moving for the good of herself. In a self-ish way, not a self-centered way. That means that what is truly good for the one is truly good for the whole. We do this by moving from the heart, moving from love – love of self, love of other, love of all.

The Divine Feminine moves for the good of all by moving for the good of herself.

~ Joanna Shakti

What is the meaning of Divine Feminine? 

To grasp the full meaning of Divine Feminine we must contrast our “human” expression of femininity with the “Divine” expression of femininity. As embodied human beings, whether we are conscious of it or not, we continually flow between our human side and our Divine side. We could define our human side as our ego, character, personality, or imperfect nature. In contrast, our Divine side would be seen, felt and expressed consciously, motivated by the highest good for all, and as a true expression of Love. 

As we explore the power of the Divine Feminine, we cannot ignore the fact that its fullest and most powerful expression does depend on, and needs masculine energy at its heart. The opposite holds true for the fullest expression of Divine Masculine power. It must open to the Divine Feminine energy within its core. Neither Divine energy can express fully without the other. 

Feminine energy turns into Divine Feminine energy when we allow it to flow through us uninhibited, unleashed in support of the greatest good. The same holds true for masculine energy, masculine energy turns into Divine Masculine energy when it expresses in an unbridled way serving the highest and best for all. 

The greatest good in the eyes of the Divine Feminine is the full embrace and love of all. The Divine Feminine offers the ultimate mother energy in the world. It holds the ultimate healing energy. The Divine Feminine accepts and embraces all. It wants unity for all human beings regardless of any differences. The essence of the Divine Feminine is absolute unconditional love. 

In contrast and partnership, the Divine Masculine offers the ultimate father energy, providing and protecting in all ways. 

Let’s take our understanding of what is the Divine Feminine and explore how to awaken it within ourselves.

What is a Divine Feminine awakening?

A Divine Feminine awakening occurs when we begin to feel the rising of true unconditional love within. It’s indicated by a shift from resistance to allowing and flow, regardless of the circumstances of life. An awakening of the Divine Feminine causes an upsurgence of compassion, kindness, and tenderness. In awakening, the Divine Feminine within will concern itself with healing and unity. She focuses on the wellbeing of the whole, the family of humanity, so to speak. When love begins speaking to you, and through you, in this way you’ll know you have realized, consciously or unconsciously, how to connect to your Divine Feminine successfully.  

To be clear, a Divine Feminine awakening can occur in anyone regardless of gender, sex or orientation. As a matter of fact, for the wellbeing of both humanity itself, and for the wellbeing of the planet, we need to awaken the Divine Feminine in as many of us as possible.

However, this is not something that happens overnight. We cannot just flip a switch inside and have the Divine Feminine come to life. Again, as we said earlier, we must prepare a space for her to arise into. We must be willing to begin setting aside our personal agendas so that we may bring our attention and energy to the needs of the whole. 

Now, again, that does not mean the individual human sets themselves aside in favor of the collective. The Divine Feminine serves the whole by first serving the individual who holds the whole in its heart. The Divine Feminine does not people please. She does not over sacrifice. She puts self-care first. Self-abandonment is definitely not a sign of a Divine Feminine awakening because the exhausted mother cannot serve the family. It is only the egoic or human shadow side of the feminine that would sacrifice to her continual detriment.

How to connect with your Divine Feminine

Now, with this deep understanding of the feminine — the “human” feminine and the Divine Feminine — as well as an awareness of how to recognize a Divine Feminine awakening, you have deepened in your preparation. We can now suggest a few specific steps to take along with practices you can use so that you personally know how to connect with your Divine Feminine and maintain that connection over time.

  1. Begin an active exploration of all the ways the feminine, both human and divine, expresses in the world.
  2. Bring an innocence and curiosity to your exploration. (Because in your exploration you may be confronted with feelings, ideas and concepts that stir up resistance in you. To deepen your awareness you must stay open minded and hold a beginners attitude.)
  3. Every time a resistance or judgment shows up about the feminine, consider its validity. With deep personal self-inquiry, see if you’ve simply held a limited concept of the feminine. Most people today have held this limited viewpoint, so you won’t be alone. And even though many hold these limiting beliefs, it’s up to you, and each of us individually, to clear out limiting perspectives and consciousness. Otherwise the Divine Feminine will never be set free to do her work to reunite and heal us as a planet and a species.
  4. Determine if your primary energy is masculine or feminine. (You can use the masculine-feminine test)
  5. Regardless of whether your predominant energy is masculine or feminine, pay particular attention to how the feminine expresses (or not) in you. 
  6. Begin to explore your relationship to compassion, kindness, softness and tenderness.
  7. Notice how much you embrace vs judge all expressions of humanity. The more you judge, the more you resist, the less space the Divine Feminine has to reveal itself. 
  8. Notice if you over sacrifice, people please, or self-abandon. If you do, spend your time and energy getting support to shift these patterns.
  9. Notice how much access you have to true unconditional love, where you love no matter what
  10. Put your attention on love and it will show you how to connect to your Divine Feminine by showing you what you need to release and what you need to open to in order to know love fully.

Collectively, we are calling in the sacred presence of the Divine Feminine. At the Vancouver Peace Summit 2009 the Dalai Lama stated, “The world will be saved by the western woman.”

What if it wasn’t just the western woman, what if it wasn’t just women, but the Divine Feminine in all of us that saved the world? We are in time that’s deeply calling for love, peace, respect, honor, and unity. We need healing as individuals, cultures, community, collectives, countries as well as for all expressions of humanity. The only energy strong enough, powerful enough to create this healing is the Divine Feminine.

She’s not out there. She’s in here. In you. Now.

Will you get to know her? Will you open a space within you so she may arise?

*At Ecstatic Intimacy, an all-inclusive website for singles and couples, we welcome all sexual orientation(s), gender(s) and relationship expressions. In this article we utilize the pronouns he/she/him/her.

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