3-Part Online Video Training Series


Igniting Divine Union






Divine Union


Singles… Couples…

This 3-Part Online Video Training Series including the “10 Keys to Creating Soul Partnerships” download was created just for you…

… if you are ready for a soul partnership where heart and sex unite and spirit leads.

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Whether You’re in a Relationship or Looking for One… This Series Provides a Roadmap – A Detailed Guide – to the Sacred Path of Love & Ecstasy… Where Two Beings Unite Soul-to-Soul, Heart-to-Heart, and Body-to-Body.


When you invest in the Igniting Divine Union Training Series for your heart and soul, you’ll download all 3 Video Trainings onto your device… giving you more than 4 hours of powerful wisdom, insights and inspiration for sacred love and lovemaking.  Plus you’ll get the “10 Keys to Creating Soul Partnerships” download.

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Whether You’re in a Relationship or Looking for One… I Have a Roadmap – A Turn-by-Turn Guide – to the Sacred Path of Love & Ecstasy… Where Two Beings Unite Soul-to-Soul, Heart-to-Heart, and Body-to-Body.

Praise for the Igniting Divine Union Training Series…

‘Igniting Divine Union’ is one of the best series that I have ever seen.”


“Thank you so much for your sharing your passion, your insights, your dedication, your higher purpose, so generously!”


“Great content and your love, passion, and obvious joy in what you have to offer flows beautifully from your heart.”


“It was so informative and inspiring!”


“Many thanks for putting this together.”


“This was an absolutely fabulous training”


“I was on your presentation just now – brilliant!”


“What you explain both so carefully and professionally, has opened up totally new horizons for me and the relationship to the man I love.”

Here’s just some of what you’ll learn in these powerful trainings…

In this heart-opening and passion – inspiring Global Training Series, as with all my events, your heart will be touched, your mind will be blown, your body awakened, and your soul inspired.

In Training #1: The Power of Your Attractive Essence you'll learn...

  • Why and how society has neutered our sexuality and how to reconnect to it in a way that is respectful, loving and HOT.


  • Why it doesn’t matter if you’re predominately masculine or feminine, but it absolutely matters that you accurately know which one is your primary sexual essence.


  • What the Yin-Yang symbol really shows you and how to turn up the heat – from your heart to your toes and everywhere in between.


  • Why the ones you’re most attracted to aren’t attracted to you and what to do about it.


  • The top 5 ways you unknowingly extinguish the spark of attraction – from the first date and beyond.


  • Exactly what puts in you in the Friend or Roommate Zone and how to get out for good.


  • Why the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine cannot live without each other (even in same sex relationships).

In Training #2: Turning Conflict into Communication you'll learn...

  • The 7 Biggest Differences that Wreak Havoc Between the Masculine and Feminine.


  • The Truth about Conflict and How to Turn Frustration and Annoyance into Happiness, Connection, and Even Bliss.


  • The Top 3 Ways You Unconsciously Start Fights.


  • Why Men and Women Fight About Sex and How to Reset for Passion.


  • The 2 Most Important Things You Can Do to Create Divine Union.


  • The #1 Faster Way to End an Upset with the Feminine.


  • The exact roadmap to Soul Love that hundreds of men and women have followed to find Ecstatic Ecstasy.

In Training #3: Reuniting the Sacred Masculine & Feminine in Divine Union you'll learn...

  • What Soul Love Is and What it Isn’t


  • The Soul Purpose of Relationship – How to Find it For You


  • The Complete List of Barriers and Road blocks that Shut Down the Path of Soul Love to You and How to Clear Them Away


  • The Language of Intimacy and How to Speak It


  • The Top 5 Misconceptions that Stop Love In It’s Tracks and How to Overcome Them


  • The Power of Sacred Sensuality and Sacred Sexuality to Transform Relationships


  • How your Sacred Energy Map Works to Ignite Love and Passion


  • The MOST important need of men and the women in lovemaking


  • The Roadmap to Soul Love that you can follow

Meet your Host Joanna Shakti…

Joanna Shakti


Soul Love Mentor


I founded Ecstatic Intimacy, where I offer programs, events, and mentoring to men and women that empower them to put the hot and happy back into love.  I like to say, “There are too many nice guys who “finish last,” too many successful women who can’t seem to find a great man, and way too many people who find themselves in the friend-zone!”
As The Soul Love Mentor, I inspire anyone who hungers for deeper love and intimate pleasure… to find and create a relationship that is an expression of ecstatic authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy.  
I combine deep experience in masculine-feminine dynamics with my many certifications including Advanced Certified Tantra Educator, Accredited Journey Practitioner, Certified Partner Yoga Instructor, and Visionary Leadership Coach.  You may have seen me as the Intimacy Expert on America’s Got Talent, or in my other appearances on Fox, VH1, and Comedy Central.
The Igniting Divine Union Training Series will open your eyes and inspire you to live and love in an entirely new way.  Here’s to you walking the Sacred Path of Love and Ecstasy!


In Love, Light & Ecstasy,
Joanna Shakti
Contact my team and I at [email protected]com, if we can help in anyway.