Igniting Soul Love Session

with Joanna Shakti, the Soul Love Mentor

Men, Women, Singles, Couples…


Your soul is designed for true love, for ecstatic intimacy, for sacred union.

Igniting Soul Love Session This deep Soul Love Truth means that no matter what you’ve told yourself, you have the power to create the love, passion and intimacy you desire, Now.  You. Now. Not someday. Not if you’re lucky. Not if you find the “right” one.  Now. Before you find your soulmate, if you’re single.  Whether your partner is interested or not, if you’re in a relationship.  You have everything you need to experience soul love.

An Igniting Soul Love Session will show you how get there.


Deep intimacy (Soul Love) and real passion (Soul Sex) only happen when they’re inspired from, and aligned with, your soul.

You simply need a roadmap and a few of the right tools to clear out the roadblocks.

My clients learn how to be Soulmates.  They know the path to Soul Love.  I hope you’ll be one of them… because your body, heart and soul deserve love… and our world definitely needs more people living in love.

Praise for the Work

There is Hope… 

I know what it’s like to experience heart-break after heart-break… I’ve been in the friend-zone more than once… I know what it’s like to be non-orgasmic… and to cry tears of loneliness… and my clients have too.

Soul Love Roadmap

Yet, I found a way out.  My clients find the way out of heartache and into a love deeper than they ever imagined.


As a result, I’ve create a Roadmap – a clear path, that you can customize to YOUR life, that takes you directly to soul-to-soul love and ecstatic ecstasy.


I’ve found the fastest, most effective tools to clear out all the debris blocking you from having the life and the love your soul is here to experience.

If it’s time to step into the fire of real love, then… 

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During your Igniting Soul Love Session — in a private, conscious, safe and intentional space — you will…

Fall in Love with the one inside your heart


    • Get totally clear on what has really been holding you back from true connection and chemistry
    • Find out exactly why love may have faded or passion might have fizzled, even when it started off so passionately.
    • Know that you’re not actually stuck… or broken or hopeless.
    • Move beyond the fears, the excuses, and the “yeah but’s” that have held you back… and finally trust your soul’s fire of love and passion.
    • Answer the questions of the mind… “How do I do this?” …  “Will this roadmap and these tools work for me in my situation?” … “What’s best for me/us?”
    • Choose to stop settling or playing small and show up as the true Soulmate you are…
    • Identify your personal path of Soul Love that takes you from struggling, frustrated or lonely… to ecstatically in love.
    • Get absolutely clear on the best next steps you can take so that you can (find and) create a relationship filled with authenticity, intimacy and ecstasy.

This will be a time to step back into your power… a time to choose to move beyond the barriers and limitations of the past… and commit to soulful love and intimate passion… your way.

Praise for the Work

Igniting Soul Love Sessions are available for singles, couples, or even one partner in a relationship…


Where Human and Divine Meet


We will meet on the phone or via video conference, spending about 55-75 minutes together focused entirely on how to transform your love life, now matter how stuck you might feel or how much your heart might ache.

Clients rave about how seen, heard and understood they feel and how much HOPE they gain in their Igniting Soul Love Session.


Even though these sessions are valued at $497, I know that when someone reads this far, soul love matters… a lot. I know that at least some part of you is truly ready to be done with the old way and the old results. So, I offer these sessions here for just $247. 

The Strength of your Relationship

Has your soul waited long enough to meet its mate, express its love, and experience its passion?


Is it time to show up as the Soulmate you truly are?

Joanna Shakti's Calendar


If you answered, “Yes!”, then I’m very honored and excited to meet with you and serve your heart. Simply follow these steps…

          1. Click the button below to access the registration page
          2. Fill in your details  (I’ve already applied the $250 savings)
          3. When you click the “Place Order” button, you’ll immediately be taken to your Soul Love Profile form, where you’ll answer a few questions that will help you get clearer on your challenges and desires while helping me be fully prepared for your session, so that we can go as deep as possible together.
          4. When you click “Submit” on the profile form, you’ll be taken directly to my Calendar, where you can schedule and confirm your session immediately.


Do know that these sessions can fill up quickly, and I only have a few spots each week, so please don’t wait.

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In closing, I simply want to say that there is almost nothing more dear to my own heart than seeing your heart and body set free to love. I know what it’s like to feel powerful and, at the same time, nearly hopeless. I know what it seems like you’re doing all the right things and it’s still not working.  My heart has cried deep tears of grief and my body has longed for intimate pleasures I couldn’t feel.

And, now I’ve had the privilege of serving thousands on their personal journeys of soul love.  I’ve watched men and women find their beloved soulmate, fall in love and get married.  I’ve seen couples find the joy and juice in their relationship again.  Most importantly, I’ve seen men and women alike feel happier and more alive than they ever have before. 

I hope you are the next person I get to personally serve on this path of soul love.


In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

Joanna Shakti

P.S.I’d like to share a bit about my commitment to serve conscious men and women, singles and couples to ignite the fires of love and passion in their romantic lives.

My mission is to … awaken every many and woman on the planet to the spiritual path of love — self-love, romantic love, divine unconditional love — so that we may all know the deepest of connections, intimacies, pleasures and joys available on this human journey.

The people I work with discover how ecstatic authenticity, intimacy, and ecstasy take life, love and lovemaking to the edges of bliss… the edges of passion… and beyond!

* Igniting Soul Love Sessions are for new clients only

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heart virtue circle

“I’m all about virtues and when you can present sexual healing in a virtuous professional environment… it’s very difficult to do…  I told Joanna after the workshop, this is the single most powerful 3 days I’ve ever seen in a workshop…and I do some pretty powerful workshops myself…”

Greg Moores Creator of the Heart Virtues Program January 5, 2017

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