How to Find and Keep Genuine Intimacy, Passion, and Commitment in Love...

Men, Women, Singles, Couples

Your soul is designed for true love, ecstatic intimacy, and sacred union.

This deep Soul Love Truth means that no matter what you've told yourself and no matter what you've experienced in the past, you have the power to create the love, the passion, and the intimacy you desire. Now.

Not someday. Not if you're lucky. Not if you find the "right" one. 

Deep intimacy (Soul Love) and real passion (Soul Sex) only happen when they're inspired from, and aligned with, your soul. 

How do you get aligned? You need the right tools to clear out the roadblocks, obstacles, and old patterns in the way.


There is a Roadmap…

I've been down this road.  My clients have been down this road.  We've cleared the roadblocks, avoided the detours, and found the shortcuts.

It doesn't matter if you've experienced heart-break after heart-break… or you've been in the friend-zone… had little masculine-feminine polarity…  or struggled with orgasms (yours or your partner's)…

My clients have all struggled with love, sex and intimacy… and now their lives are very, very different. They've radically transformed not just their love lives, but their entire life. Men. Women. Singles. Couples. 


Become the best lover and partner you can be now.

"There is a simple and direct route out of the pain and frustration, with turn-by-turn instructions directly to Soul Love."

Your Roadmap must be personal to you, customized to your life.

First, let's talk baggage. In other words, barriers and roadblocks. You have baggage. I have baggage. We all have baggage and it's time to clear the path. Releasing every thought, feeling, resentment, annoyance, sadness, jealousy and the like, paves the way.

You'll then realize love isn't dangerous. It's exciting, alive, and breathtaking.

True soul love begins with you. You waking up and igniting the brilliance - the sexiness, the kindness, the confidence, the passion, the realness - that is you. 

When you meet the authentic you, that's when romance walks through the door. 

If you've decided to step into the fire of real love, then…

During your Igniting Soul Love Session - in a private, conscious, safe, and intentional space - you will… 

  • Get completely clear on what has been holding you back from true connection and chemistry.
  • Find out exactly why love may have faded or passion may have died, even when it started off so blissfully.
  • Pinpoint the #1 thing keeping you from Soul Love AND soulful passion.
  • Identify the best steps you can take on your personal path of Soul Love.  The steps that take you from struggling, frustrated or lonely… to ecstatically in love.
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"It's my greatest compliment when clients share how seen, heard, and understood they feel and how much HOPE they gain in just their first session. Even better than that, they now KNOW what to do to create deep love."

Igniting Soul Love Sessions are available for singles, couples, or one partner in a relationship…

We will meet on the phone or via video conference, spending an hour together focused entirely on how to transform your love life. No matter how much your heart might ache or how stuck you might feel, you will realize you are not broken and your love life definitely isn't hopeless.


I know that if you've come this far, some part of you is ready to be done with the old results. And if now is not the time I understand, this is a big step. If it is the time, I'll gladly extend a new client discount for our session. 

                  (long-term clients have access to program discounts) 


If you've answered, "yes", then I'm honored and excited to meet with you and serve your heart. Simply follow these steps...

    1. Click the button below to access the registration page


    1. Fill in your details  (We've already applied the 60% savings.) 


    1. When you click the "Place Order" button, you'll be taken to your Soul Love Profile form where you'll answer a few questions that will help you get clear on both your challenges and desires. Your sharing will ensure we go as deep as possible in our time together.


    1. After you click "Submit" on the profile form, you'll be taken directly to my Calendar, where you will schedule and confirm your session immediately.


(these sessions fill quickly, please email if you don't see a time that works well for you) 

"We forget the privilege it is to place our hands, our lips, our bodies upon another body. Only when you bring your whole heart united with your soul may you enter into divine union with another."

In closing, I simply want to say that almost nothing is more dear to my own heart than seeing your heart and body set free to love. I know what it's like to feel committed, and at the same time, feel like you are losing hope.

I've had the honor of serving thousands on their personal journeys of Soul Love. I hope the next person I get to personally serve on this sacred path is you.

In love, light and ecstasy,







Love is meant for each of us. And, we all need a guide

My mission is to … awaken every man and woman on the planet to the spiritual path of love - self-love, romantic love, divine unconditional love - so that we may all know the deepest of connections, intimacies, pleasures and joys available on this human journey. 


~Joanna Shakti