Conscious Sexuality Retreat

~ The Soulful Passion Retreat ~

Where Soul Love & Soul Sex Unite

To say I grew up confused about sex and love is an understatement to say the least.  Orgasms eluded me and on the most frustrating days, I asked: "Why do I keep meeting all the sexually repressed men?"

Years later, I finally understood why clear communication, true partnership, real intimacy, and passionate sex were never the "norm".

I found the ancient arts of Sacred Loving… and life, love and sex were never the same again. I became an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator so I could help singles and couples like you, who have struggled with love and sex, unite body, heart, and soul in bed and beyond. 

That's why… after 8 years of keeping The Conscious Sexuality and Passion retreat exclusive to our program and private clients, I decided to open it up to the public again.  

I hope you'll join us. 


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Broomfield, Colorado (Near Denver/Boulder)

Gateway to Conscious Sexuality

Set amidst the stunning backdrop of the Rocky Mountains where conscious singles and couples coming together committed to soulfully passionate relationships. This all-inclusive weekend (all questions welcome) offers a quiet respite for our hectic daily life, to explore connection, re-connection, intimacy and passion. As you arrive at our in person location you'll quickly experience the welcome embrace of like-minded souls on the journey to soulful passion and conscious sexuality.

Event Details

The entire Conscious Sexuality (Soulful Passion) weekend retreat is designed to wake up the most romantic, intimate, and passionate lover in you, so you can share and receive the deepest pleasures of intimate and sexual union.

This powerful and transformative weekend filled with other conscious men and women, like you, will radically transform your relationship with love and sexuality.

You'll walk away not only with a more open heart for intimate loving, but you'll also know how to ignite the chemistry, attraction and passion that you seek.

A Note to Singles

Crazy? It might seem strange to register for a retreat about sex when you don't have a partner, but truly, there is no better time to attend a retreat like this. Think about it, do you want to sort out your limiting beliefs and habits around sex while you are struggling in relationship or do you want to sort them out now... and bring your full sexual expression and confidence to your next relationship.

Here's the other secret that single participants discover after the retreat, when you know how to be a great lover in bed and out… you attract a very different and much better fitting partner.

This is the time.

The Experience


On the evening of Day 1 & Day 2

Release Your Limits to Pleasure and Ecstasy

Your "Conscious Sexuality" Intensive Retreat begins with experiences and exercises designed to remove the blocks and barriers to sexual connection, intimacy and ecstasy that might exist within you.  You'll clear out beliefs, habits, fears, and judgments that have limited you from fully connecting with your sexual expression. We'll look at body and self-image perceptions that hold you back from fully loving and being loved.  You'll be able to remove societal, religious and "life-experience" conditioning that unconsciously limits both your pleasure and your partner's pleasure.

Leaving all that behind, you'll be able to take your intimate life to the edges of ecstasy and beyond.


Day 2 Evening

Celebrating the Reunion of the Divine Masculine and Feminine

In this powerful evening experience, together the men and women will create a sacred space of witnessing, honoring and healing the mistrust, misunderstanding, and disrespect of the masculine and feminine in love and intimacy.  This experience leaves those in attendance in awe of the healing power available to us when we come together and unite in conscious community. Leave feeling witnessed, honored and cleansed.


Day 3

Igniting the Passion

Finally, on day three we'll explore things like types of orgasms, important sexual anatomy, sexual differences, men's and women's needs, turn-ons, desire, and the sexual dance of the divine masculine and feminine with all of its ravishing ecstasy.

We'll create a space for learning, questions, conversations, and honesty between men and women as they share with each other what truly creates the most ecstatic sexual experiences for each other.

"... To say it has had a significant impact on me is a massive understatement. I can't remember what I was expecting but the depth of connection between each of us was palpable despite the geographical distance between us and surprising. The way that Joanna and the Love team held the space for us allowed us to embrace our own, and each others, vulnerability and I felt completely safe to explore myself and peel back the layers. What I discovered about myself during the retreat will be life changing, I feel different already... I feel a deep and innate sense of gentleness that I want to share rather than protect..."

~ S.

"This was a powerful and transformational weekend. It was so helpful to identify my blocks to having a soulful passionate connection with my husband.  We have learned lots of things to learn and grow with.  This was an incredibly safe environment with very conscious present individuals. Joanna has an amazing inspiring presence"

~ N.

"Intimacy and sex are powerful words and areas of my life I had neglected or avoided.  Taking a scary step into the Ecstatic Intimacy world has opened my eyes and rocked my world.  Specifically, this retreat has made me so much more comfortable with my body and discussing things our society never discusses.  It was such a safe environment for each and every one of us to share our truths, fears, and revelations which was beyond freeing!"

~ L.

"I wasn't expecting this retreat to be so powerful, but oh man, was it belief-shifting and raw. Would highly recommend to anyone who is struggling with inner happiness or in love."

~ E.

"Amazing retreat! It was a second go-round for me and it was virtual this time so I wondered how she was going to pull this off and if I would really get any benefit. The weekend was a huge success with 2 important breakthroughs for myself. It was as if we started Friday evening and the next thing I knew it was over. The retreat was full of wonderful people sharing and being vulnerable. Such a great space for growth!"

~ M.




July 19-21, 2024

Broomfield, CO  (near Denver/Boulder)


*Late Registration $697 after July 17, 2024 

What's Included: 

2.5 Days of Experiential and Interactive Transformation

3-Hour Igniting Divine Union Training to Prepare you for the Retreat

60-Minute Private Igniting Soul Session with Joanna

Bring a Friend or Partner for Free

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Ecstatic Ecstasy - Where Heart and Sex Unite and Spirit Leads

"We forget the privilege it is to place our hands, our lips, our bodies upon another body. The deepest ecstasy demands your deepest presence, your true reverence to the sacred one before you. Only when you bring your whole heart united with your soul may you enter into divine union with another."


~Joanna Shakti