Is it Time to Reconnect?

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Is it Time to Reconnect?

I thank my mom for inspiring my article this week. With that inspiration, I’m writing about another dimension of love that is so important to the fullness and richness of our lives… the love of family and friends.

Are there people in your life that you miss?

Are there people in your life that might benefit
from your reunion?

Are there people that would love and support you
if you just made space for them?

In the busyness of our lives, the first things to go off our priority list is ourselves (we’ll talk about that in another newsletter!), and then next, we usually let go of time with our friends and loved ones.

As I write this, I’m reminded of the poems and stories I’ve read over the years that tell us about someone dying before we’ve resolved an argument or before we spoke how much they truly matter to us.

Who do you need to make amends with?

Who do you need to express your love, care and appreciation to?

Mom flew out to visit for five days over Easter weekend and we had one of the best weekends we’ve shared in a long time. We talk just about every week, but sometimes just for a few minutes, as my busy schedule has me off to another appointment. This weekend we got to share. I shared videos and stories of all the events I’ve been doing that she hasn’t gotten to witness because she lives across the country. She got to meet my new boyfriend and share time with us. We went for walks and had long talks. I so needed the time off and we both loved the sharing and reconnecting.

Do you need to pick up the phone or invite someone for tea or
get on a plane and go visit someone?

In the past couple of years, I’ve missed the last days of my grandparents lives because I was so busy.

Regrets don’t serve but making new choices does.

And, truth be told, the thought of new choices… re-prioritizing…letting go of things… so I have room for the important people – the important RELATIONSHIPS- in my life… makes me nervous. It brings up fears and what-ifs. We all have them. Although they’re not comfortable, I’m grateful for the feelings because I can see them as old stories and conditioning that keep me stuck. I’m committed to opening and expanding so these challenges give me the opportunity to open wider and experience more love.

What are you afraid of that keeps you from re-prioritizing & reconnecting?

Is it time to move beyond that fear and bring more love into your life… and the lives of others?

Is love your priority?  Do you want it to be?

If you are having trouble making space for the love you truly want in your life, call or email me. Or join us at an upcoming workshop… We will support you in having the love you want.

Mom, thank you for the love, the support and the joy you bring to my life. I’m looking forward to more frequent visits!

Love and blessings,
Joanna Shakti

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