Masculine Challenge

Keanu Reeves – Grieving the Masculine Challenge

My heart ached recently as I felt the tears wanting to come, but they weren’t quite there. Near the tears I could find the frustration, even an anger, alongside a fiery passion.

What triggered this wave of emotions?

Reading and talking about how Keanu Reeves never touches women he is in photographs with.

It’s not that he doesn’t touch that makes me grieve. It’s that we are celebrating it as the “right and good” thing to do.

We are reinforcing to men that they are somehow bad, wrong, indecent or disrespectful if they touch women.

I’m not talking about inappropriate and unwanted touch.

I’m talking about the wonderful feeling of a group of people cuddled in for a photo. The reassurance of an arm around the shoulder. The connection of a hand upon your hand. I’m talking about connection, the connection of touch that’s says, “You are not alone. We are all here in this together.”

I grieve…

I grieve for the men who feel they have to second guess their words and actions.

I grieve for the men who feel embarrassed or ashamed to be men.

I grieve for the men who truly do not know how to be respectful, and for those who don’t even know they aren’t.

I grieve for the men and women, we are trying to protect, who have been touched inappropriately.

I grieve for the women who want to be touched and aren’t. (There are many.)

I grieve for the women who think men are to blame.

I grieve for the woman who had put up walls so deep and so wide, trying to protect against what could happen.

I grieve for the man who thinks he has to be “nice” all the time in order to honor a woman.

I grieve for the woman who thinks she’s the only one she can trust and rely on.

I grieve fo the man who has disowned his sexuality (and the woman too).

I grieve for the woman who thinks she has to control and manage everything or things fall apart.

I grieve for the loneliness that lives in your heart as you long for real connection – to be seen, heard and loved for who you truly are.

We need…

These struggles, these pains, do not need to continue.

We can heal the divide. We can restore love.

We do not need to stop touching each other.

We need to see each other as sacred and touch each other as such.

We do not need walls of protection.

We need authentic seeing.

We do not need rules.

We need our voices.

I Stand Committed…

I stand committed to creating a safe and sacred space for men and women, and those of all genders, to connect




I stand committed to creating space for authentic and intimate communication.

I stand committed to healing the divide and reuniting the masculine and feminine in love.

There is Hope…

When masculine beings reclaim their true divine masculine, a safe space is automatically created for the feminine to fully express.

If a masculine being abandons that authentic masculine, the collective feminine so to is abandoned.

When feminine beings reclaim their true divine feminine, the hearts of the masculine are healed, love is felt, and the world is healed.

If a feminine being abandons that authentic feminine, the collective masculine and feminine are abandoned. Our collective heart aches.

If you don’t know if you are a masculine or feminine being, it’s time to find out. The world needs you to know.

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*At Ecstatic Intimacy, an all-inclusive website for singles and couples, we welcome all sexual orientation(s), gender(s) and relationship expressions. In this article we utilize the pronouns he/she/him/her.

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