Kiss Like They Kiss – or Ask

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Kiss Like They Kiss – or Ask

Have you ever noticed that you will often kiss or touch your partner in ways you like to be kissed and touched?  Have you noticed that you say things to the one you love or do things for your honey that you like to have said or done for you? You are almost always giving your partner hints about what you enjoy…

romantic couple kissing at santa monica

Here’s the kicker… the person you are kissing is giving you hints!  If they kiss your neck regularly (and you haven’t specifically asked him or her to do that for you) it’s probably a great sign they like to have their neck kissed!  The same goes for ears, belly buttons, etc… you get the hint!

If your partner brings you little gifts often, you can almost bet, if you don’t already do the same for them that you’d make their heart skip a beat with a little surprise gift for them.  If you get compliments and word of appreciation from your sweetheart… are you giving them back?

Now you know… Your partner is telling you alot about themselves and their likes just by their words and actions. CLICK TO TWEET… AND if you really want to know what they like, ASK!

Ask, how do you love to be kissed?  Ask, what’s your favorite ways to be touched?  Are there words I could say that would make your heart melt or that would immediately turn you on?

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Get to know your partner this week!  Do something they love!

Did you catch my appearance on “America’s Got Talent”?  More kissing tips there…

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