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Kissing: The Biggest Mistakes

Here are some of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to kissing. Try to eliminate these on your way to becoming an incredible partner and lover.


1) Not listening to the spoken and unspoken cues of your partner
2) Both persons leading or trying to control the kiss
3) Thrusting your tongue too deep, especially without the proper warm up
4) Starting with your tongue
5) Biting too hard
6) Being sloppy, slobbery. It’s usually a turn off.
7) Never opening your eyes. You’re missing out on intimacy.
8) Waiting for the approach, if you’re predominantly masculine
9) Being unappealing – sandpaper lips, stubble, bad breath
10) Not doing it often enough

Whether you’re in a relationship on looking for one, being a great kisser will serve you well.   Many men and women have turned down another date because of a kiss that just didn’t “work”. Couples… It’s highly likely you’re not kissing often enough or passionately enough.

Here’s to great kisses!

Did you see me on stage sharing a kissing lesson with Nick Cannon? Check out the video…

In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

*At Ecstatic Intimacy, an all-inclusive website for singles and couples, we welcome all sexual orientation(s), gender(s) and relationship expressions. In this article we utilize the pronouns he/she/him/her.

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