The Language of Love & Intimacy: 3 Keys

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The Language of Love & Intimacy: 3 Keys

Does speaking intimately scare you? Excite you? Turn you on? Or, turn your stomach?

Intimacy is the language of love… heart-to-heart love.

And, it’s not as hard as you think it is. As a matter of fact, you can say so much more with so much less, and connect even deeper, when you speak the language of love and intimacy. 

First, let’s start out with a definition of intimacy…

In this exploration it means…


It means I let down my walls of protection, and open myself to be seen by you.

The 3 Keys to Connecting Soul-to-Soul:

1) Emotions are the language of love and intimacy.  As humans, we connect through our feelings.

(GUYS, hang on. Don’t bolt!  If you learn this, maybe you won’t have to talk as much. 😉 Seriously. ) 

When we speak the language of feelings, we express so much more with so much less.

Emotions are the language of love and intimacyWords like good, great, okay, fine; they are not feeling words. Feeling words are things like calm, excited, passionate, frustrated, overwhelmed, disappointed, happy, and sad.

Let me share with you a couple of examples of feeling sentences:

“I’m disappointed you didn’t call.”

“I’m frustrated. It seems like I never get it right for you.”

“I’m feeling insecure. Will you hold me?”

That’s big impact and not a lot of words…

2) The depth and intimacy of a conversation is directly proportional to how willing you are to be vulnerable.

Intimacy is risky.  You can’t connect without taking a risk.  We have to risk to connect. We have to risk to love.

3) Listen with presence and curiosity.

Even if you’ve been married thirty years, you don’t know everything about the person sitting across from you.

We all want to be seen.  We all want to be heard. That’s how we feel loved.

Ready to Ignite Confidence, Connection and Chemistry on the Path of Soul Love?

This is your invitation to connect deeper than you ever have before.

Speak the language of love… speak the language of intimacy… and your connection and your passion will skyrocket!

If you’d like to know more about the dance of the masculine and feminine and the passion of soul-to-soul love, then check out my other blogs here

In love, light and ecstasy,

Joanna Shakti

P.S.  Guys here a hint… “upsets” end quickly when a woman feels heard for how she feels

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