Living in Ecstatic Union: Overview

When You Participate in the Third Phase of the Soul Love Program Series

After completing the Loving Soul-to-Soul Program, your journey on the Path of Soul Love continues with the Living in Ecstatic Union Program.


Here's just a small reminder of what that can mean in your life… In the Ecstatic Ecstasy and Living in Ecstatic Union Phase:

Feeling that divine love expanding in all directions in your life, you realize that the reason you journeyed through the first two phases was so that you could enjoy the ecstasy of Living in Ecstatic Union - where LIFE takes your breath away. The "orgasmic" moments happen in life, in love, and in lovemaking.  

EI Living in Ecstatic Union logo MStepping into this realm of divine love, all of your relationships deepen because they're infused with the experiences of treasuring, devotion, and reverence. You realize and live the truth that you are both human and divine. You see that your humanness brings you to your divinity and your divinity embraces your humanity. 

As you experience this in yourself and all others, you'll know 360-degree love as you live the most profound experience of unconditional love we can know as human beings. 

Walking the sacred path of love, day in and day out, this phase invites you into divine union of body, soul, and spirit where you are driven wild with pleasure and the flames of love burn so hot that they melt away anything that obscures your oneness with love.

In this ecstasy, separation dissolves and all the remains is the oneness of all.


The Living in Ecstatic Union Program includes:

Live Online Embodiment Elements

    • 40+  Embodiment Element Trainings (Live Online including group coaching through Q1 2024) plus Related Handouts, Tip Sheets, Toolkits 
    • Soul Love Practice & Integration Community 
        • Continued Membership in the Soul Love Practice & Integration Community



    • Retreats
        • Access to unique annual in-person "Living in Ecstatic Union" Retreat


        • Volunteer on the Love Team at any Activating Soul Love or Loving Soul-to-Soul retreat you've previously attended.


        • Re-sit any Activating Soul Love or Loving Soul to Soul Retreat for $97


    • Personal Mentoring and Coaching Support from Joanna
        • Your questions are answers by Joanna anytime you post them in the Practice and Integration Group


        • Continued participation in all Soul Love Group CoachingSessions


        • Bi-Weekly Soul Love Self-Reflection Entries reviewed by Joanna


        • Additional Private Mentoring Sessions may be purchased based on availability.  (When included these can be recorded for your archives)


    • Additional Benefits, Toolkits and Support
        • Continued access to supportive trainings, meditations and tools as needed via the Ecstatic Intimacy Member Center 


    • Bonuses
        • BONUS #1:  35% off Program registration for Activating Soul Love or the Activating Soul Love and Loving Soul-to-Soul Combo registration for a current or future romantic partner. (Valid while enrolled in Living in Ecstatic Union)


        • BONUS #2: Bring-a-Friend-Retreat Savings - When you resit an Activating Soul Love Retreat, you can bring a friend for $197. They attend the retreat and get a private Igniting Soul Love Session with Joanna.