Love Stories

Celebrate and Ignite Soul-to-Soul Love

The Path of Soul Love really does ignite deep, authentic, intimate and passionate love!

Check out the love and dating success stories from these past Soul Love Program Series grads.

Then… find out how you can start writing your own beautiful love or dating success story starting NOW!

I’m so excited and happy for these couples!


Birgit & Dave are newly Engaged!! 

“I used to go to singles events and other events with the expectation, “Tonight I could meet the one!“ And every time I came home disappointed. I felt very lonely, and at times even unworthy.

Joanna’s work caused a shift in me. I was loving myself and I could fully step into the amazing person I am.

One evening I went out dancing just for myself. I didn’t look around, and I didn’t care who else was there. I just wanted to have a good time. That was the evening I met Dave.” ~Birgit, past grad



Stacey & Lysle are Falling in Love

The journey I have been on with Joanna’s programs has brought so much love into my life.  I have opened up to seeing the love I already had around me, to loving myself, and to receiving a love that I have never felt so deeply in my whole life.  Knowing myself has allowed me to share my desires, dreams, and expanded my expectation to attract and experience profound deep love with a wonderful man. I never knew this was possible.





Terry & Emily Embrace Sacred Conflict in their Marriage

After learning about Sacred Conflict, I no longer fear getting into an argument with my wife. We’ve had a few good ones since then. But as we come through them, my understanding and love for her deepens and we are bound together even more tightly than before. Thank you, Joanna!



Amanda & Justin are Married and Adopting

Justin and I had our first date on Valentine’s day 3 years ago. I knew this guy was different from the start- he actually asked me insightful curious questions about myself, and told me his honest thoughts and feelings on the date. Near the end, he actually said, “well, this was fantastic. I would really like to see you again.”
Wow, he was not playing games or trying to hide. And I was no longer trying to lead or make it too easy for him. I was leaning back a bit and speaking every word while connected to my heart.  It made all the difference! 10 months later, he surprised me at one of my group events with a marriage proposal. He spoke and even *sang*  to me and had arranged to catch it all on video. I was blown away.
Now, we just celebrated 3 years together and we are embarking on the journey of adoption! We feel we have so much love for each other and plenty left over to share with a new little human. Our old patterns have been replaced with true love, actual real forgiveness when needed, and deep respect/appreciation of our different skills but shared vision and values. Plus, he just cracks me up!!

Mike & Lisa are Inseparable

Lisa and I found each last summer after being in the same social club for over 20 years.  Now you cannot separate us.   We just spent an amazing weekend skiing in Relationship Paradise.  Our hardest times now are when are apart and the future looks very promising for us  All this was made possible by hard work, fearlessness, and fantastic coaching and programs skillfully run by spiritually guided teachers.  Joanna Shakti has been an important link in my growth process.  I would not be here without her.  I cannot tell it was a easy process, but I knew that at the beginning.  All I can tell you is to keep the faith!!  I now anticipate a lifetime weekends in Relationship Paradise.


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